Body Shape Illustrations

I am so excited to show you guys some of the illustrations for my book!  These are my six girls that represent each body shape.  Let's see if you can guess which ones are which!  I think they are so adorable and their little props are CUTE!  My illustrator sent these to me just last week so I am thrilled to finally have my own images of shapes to use and refer back to. 

Let me know what you think of the illustrations in the comments below.  Which one is your favourite and why?  (Also, apologies if you are experiencing deja-vu while reading this blog post...yes I did post it earlier but had to delete it and place a watermark on the illustrations due to possible copyright issues!)

Stay Stylish!


These illustrations are no longer being used for my book.  You can click here to find out which ones are!


  1. omggggggggggggggggggggggg I LOVES ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

  2. I like these. They havevariance.

  3. starting from the top
    fuller figure
    hour glass
    and apple, right arent i!

  4. I don't about the taste of others, but I just love them so much.
    Keep on the good work Anna
    Love Ilmy

  5. I don't care wat other people wrote about them, I love them!! They are SO cute!

  6. I think these illustrations are cute, Anna!

  7. But why does the top left girl look so upset??? LOL! All the rest of them are smiling and happy except her :)

  8. I think some of the adults responding to this are a little "out of touch" with teens these days! I'm a school teacher, grade 9, most of my girls are between the ages of 14-16 and they would absolutely love the images you've created. One would be surprised to see how "child like" imagery gains the attention of adolescents better that almost any other tactic! Seriously...students do extra work just to earn stickers! Go with the images! They'll be a major success! Good luck with your publication!

  9. LOL The one on the top left looks JUST LIKE ChanelBlueSatin on YouTube!! Except for the fact that I've never seen Cynthia have that kind of expression on her face. You two are my favorite people on Youtube!!

  10. I think the images are great. There is a kitschy flavor to them.

    It's blatantly cute and it works.

  11. These are very good...simple, cute and easy to understand for teens!!! Hope your book goes well! If you planned on reaching an older audience I would suggest taking a look at the illustrations in Nina Garcia's 100.

  12. Awesome pics! They are cute and stylish and they work! Cant wait for the book. :-) x

  13. I love them :)))

  14. Hey Anna,
    After reading these comments i searched in your blog for the winner of this contest and i got a little hope because of the different comments. So i hope you didn't made your decission yet.

    So take a look at my blog with my illustrations! byebye,
    Have a nice day.

  15. Can you still be a hourglass shape with a 32" bust, 24" waist, and a 32" hip?? What tips do I follow, that ones for boyish shape (because my bust and hip are so small) or hourglass (because my waist is 8" smaller than both my bust and hip)???? HELP!!!

  16. beautiful curvy women what could be better


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