The Waist Belt

So today I spent the entire morning cleaning because my photo-shoot is tomorrow and the crew are coming here before-hand and it's where I'm getting hair and make-up done.  I need to pretend like my house is sparkling clean all the time...ha ha!  I'm also feeling a lot better today and my neck pain seems to be going away.  The sad thing is that it's raining today.  Boo hoo!  I'm sorry I didn't film anything yesterday, I literally went back to bed right after we shot yesterday's photos.  I hope you all had a lovely Patrick's Day!  

Today I'm wearing this cute little dress I got about 2 years ago from a boutique in the city where my mom lives...the boutique is now gone which makes me very sad because they sold some gorgeous pieces there.  A lot of their stuff was by a brand called Saint Tropez, which is one of my favourites.  I have quite a few Saint Tropez items and they  are all amazing quality and I love them. 

The thick waist belt is a wardrobe staple of mine, if you have an hourglass figure it really works as it highlights the smallest part of your body.  This particular belt is from and it's not the easiest belt to wear, as it's quite a statement piece so it only works well with simple pieces...such as, this Saint Tropez dress!  Generally speaking though, I don't love turtle necks on me because I have a bigger bust but hey, sometimes rules are meant to be broken!

A few people were asking what shoes I wore yesterday...well I wore the same ones I'm wearing right now, these grey wool and patent ballet pumps from Zara.  I <3 them because they're not completely flat as they have a tiny wedge heel so they give you a little bit more height and look great with shorter skirts!

What I'm wearing:

Grey turtle-neck dress from Saint Tropez
Black leather ASOS waist belt with gold discs
Metal gold and silver bangle from my mom
Gold stud earrings from Accessorize
Grey and black patent ballerinas from Zara
Black opaque tights from American Apparel

So there you go, another outfit of the day post.  I'm really enjoying making these and I've actually sort of gotten back into blogging, it's fun!  Also I'm on Chictopia now too, so check me out there if you have an account as well.

Stay Stylish!


  1. You look amazing Anna! As always! ♥ Michélle

  2. You = totally gorgeous!
    Me - totally jealous! x

  3. so cute! also...i was in walgreens yesterday and found Rimmel Summer Angel lipstick in the US! i always thought they didnt sell it over here but they dooooo :)

  4. You are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! What are you wearing on your lips in these pics?

  5. amazing! very lovely! nice photos!


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