Cheap and Chic

I had to go into town today...Albi came with me of course!  I put together this look for around under €120, the most expensive item is the blazer at €79.99 and all the other items are super cheap.  I definitely feel like you can save on certain items like basics, accessories (costume jewellery), flats, and some skinny jeans provided they are from a brand that you trust and that you know are good quality, eg. Zara.  On the other hand there are some items that you need to spend a little bit extra for, because these are statement pieces that should fit you perfectly, be higher quality and last you a long time.  For example trench coats, blazers, boots and handbags.  

If you mix and match affordable and expensive items together, you will find that your outfits will never look cheap or tacky, instead they will look chic, put-together and more expensive than they really are.  This is a great trick because not everyone can afford to splash out on each item in their wardrobe.

What I'm wearing:

Zara blazer €79.99
ASOS shirt £6.00
Zara skinny jeans €5.99
Urban Outfitters flats £9.99
Fat Face bracelets £8.50
Oasis sunnies €4.00
Vintage clutch from my mom - 100% free!

I hope you like this look.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Stay Stylish!



  1. Anna,
    I love these and all of your outfits.
    You have a special talent for styling yourself gorgeous and you are always chic and trendy at the same time.

    Wishing you'll never stop making "outfit of the day".

    I really admire you! <3
    Greetings from Munich

  2. Omg i love those shoes!!! So adorable! I love the blazer too, may have to get it! Thank you Anna! x :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit!
    I always look forward to your blog and videos! Most styling lady on youtube!

  4. Absolutely love this outfit!
    It's one of those outfits that I'm drawn to when i want to look classy but feel comfy. Love your style!

  5. I adore those shoes, they look so cute and comfy xo

  6. I love this outfit, do you know any good stores in Australia, as I live out here and we don't have Zara or Topshop or anything? Also please could you make a video on summer outfits, as I have much warmer weather over here. thanks :)

  7. nice outfit i love it.Anna what is your opinion about primark?

  8. gorgeousss. so chic and clean. the blazer REALLY ties it in. : )

  9. loved it! i will run to a vintagestore 2da

  10. Hey anna,
    i loove the blazer.Can u please tell me the code of it? Im gonna try to hunt it down in Zara:)
    Thank you!


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