City Shorts

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I am driving back to Dublin today so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful garden in my parents' house and take some pictures there for my outfit of the day!

Here's a breakdown of what I'm wearing:

City shorts from Sisley
V-neck from Zara
Tights from American Apparel
Flats from ASOS
Blazer from ASOS
Earrings from Vero Moda
Bracelets from Diamonds & Pearls
Ring from Accessorize

Stay Stylish!



  1. I'd always walked past city shorts in the shops and not picked them up because I wondered how they could be pieced together to make a proper classy, thanks to you for these wonderful tips!

  2. I love your fashion, its amazing. You rocked this classic look but i am not so sure about tights under shorts...plz dont take me as one of those rude haters, im only trying to give constructive critisism. Your Amazing and keep up your awesome videos.

  3. Love this Anna, really looking forward to more of these videos, outfit of the day is my fave part of your blog!! xx

  4. Your cheekbones are amazing Anna :) very cute outfit x

  5. Hi Anna.

    I love your style. You are simply amazing to watch on Youtube.

    May I ask what size is your blazer? I'm having trouble tossing up between a similar blazer from Asos. I'm not sure whether to get a UK 6 or 8 but I'm probably the same as you?

    Please help :)


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