Behind The Scenes - Diva Fashion Show

Check out my personal pics from behind the scenes at the Diva Charity Fashion Show!  Georgina and I got our hair done at the beautiful Amazon salon in Bray.  I loved how both of our hair turned out...Georgina got really natural, wind-swept waves and I got voluminous 60's style curls.  I had wanted an up-style first but my stylist insisted I wear it down to show off my long hair...she was so adamant I had to give in!  But I love what she did, I couldn't have been happier.  What do you think?!

Stay Stylish!



  1. Your hair looks great in the bottom picture. It is very different from your usual hairstyle and it really looks gorgeous on you.


  2. you remind me of brigitte bardot in the last picture. i adore this kind of hair style =)

  3. I love your hair! It has a nice 60s vibe :)

  4. Wonderful hairstyling. Love it Anna!


  5. You both look beautiful, love the wavy hair x

  6. your hair looks amazing!! you should wear it like this more often. such a soft an feminine look! :)

  7. Fantastic hair do! It looks fabulous on you. What a great blog you have here- I've only just found it a couple of days ago so I'm catching up on the content. I'm based in Northern Ireland so not too far. Started my own blog about 2 months ago, please check it out if you wish:
    Last but not least - Albi is SOOOO ADORABLE - I just can't take my eyes off him! Lots of hugs & kisses for Albi!


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