Forever21 Opening in Dublin!

While checking my email and sipping on my coffee this morning, I stumbled across something on The Irish Times website that absolutely made my day.  Forever21 is coming to Dublin!!  I could not be happier about this...I love Forever21 but unfortunately I've only been able to shop there when I've travelled to the US.  It just doesn't exist in any other country I've lived in.  So I am totally excited that it's coming to Ireland.  How amazing is that?!  I know that all you Irish girls will be just as excited about this as I am.  Check out the Irish Times site if you don't believe me and let me know what you think!

Stay Stylish!


Picture taken shopping in Munich, Germany!


  1. Brillant news

  2. Wow! Jealous.
    I love Forever 21. I went to Las Vegas last year and stocked up on loads of lovely stuff. Going back there this year so I'll be doing the same.
    Thank you for your help on Formspring re.swimsuit styles to wear for my hol (it was me) - you were a great help.
    Good luck with the Elite comp! xx


  4. OMG Amazing!!!
    Not being Irish or American I hope of course that this might be the start of F21 opening in more countries worldwide. I don't really think it is, but whatever..
    Primark has just come to 2 German cities (far away from me though), I'd be so exited to see more great clothes stores over here.

  5. I think F21 should come to germany as well...

  6. Not a super huge fan of F21....but, I'm glad your excited! Maybe, you'll inspire me to shop there again! lol

  7. I thought I recognised the buildings in the background! I love Munich!

  8. Wow I cant believe it hope it comes to London too!!! Lucky you xoxo

  9. Yep the article says it will open this year in other European cities...including London, Munich etc

  10. Ohhh I wish it came to the UK :( London would love a forever 21!!

    p.s Your videos are amazing! x

  11. Apparently they're planning on opening up to 4 stores in London...yay! :)

    And I love that picture Anna...beautiful.

  12. Yippeee! So many write me about how they don't have one where they are...since so many of my affordable fashions feature Forever, Yippeee for Dublin hopping on board! :)

    Liesl :)

  13. haaaa great photo.
    greets from germany (:


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