Lunch at Diva

What do you think of my new hair?!?  Ha ha!  This is just a sneak preview of what's to come at tomorrow's fashion show.  The final part of the show will feature incredible vintage couture gowns from the likes of Chanel all from The Goddess Room, a fantastic vintage boutique in Dublin.  I literally can't wait to see what magical pieces the models come out wearing and how they'll be styled.  This particular headpiece was custom-made in Venice and is breath-taking to look at up close.  There's so much detail, it's incredible.  Plus it makes me look a lot taller!!

Today we had a delicious lunch at Diva Restaurant in Bray, where the Charity Fashion Show will be on tomorrow night.  I can't wait!  This was my first time at the restaurant and I love it!  It's an Italian restaurant with the most amazing food and beautiful oppulent decor.  I especially love the plush fabrics, red wallpaper and silver gilted!  Not to mention the fact that the owner, Tara is a truly gorgeous and inspiring woman...I'm so honoured to have gotten to know her these past few weeks.  

I hope to see some of you tomorrow!

Stay Stylish!

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