The ZipYard Dun Laoghaire

On Thursday I tweeted about one of my favourite dresses being done-for...the zip broke and the slit at the back completely ripped so that my dress actually didn't look like a dress anymore.  I honestly thought it was beyond repair!  

The day before the Elite Model Look Launch Party, Jonathan had gotten his harness for his camera rig repaired in The ZipYard in Dun Laoghaire and it had only taken about 5 minutes.  They had done it for about €2 and he was so impressed with them so I did some research.  A few of my Facebook fans mentioned they had heard good things about the place so I decided to give it a try.  In fashion school, I was the absolute WORST in my class at sewing...I was just awful and I've never gotten anything repaired before so this was completely new for me!  

I asked Jonathan to film the whole experience for fun...and also because I really liked the company.  The owner, Juliet was incredibly sweet and helpful and I love that The ZipYard prides itself on catering to all body shapes...many of which tend to be ignored by highstreet shops, who just expect everybody to fit into conventional sizes.  They fixed the zip on my French Connection dress and changed it to a brassy/gold to match the buttons. I think it gives it an edgier, funkier look!  They also hemmed my maxi dress as it was too long for me.  

So, let me know what you think!  I love what they did to my FCUK dress!

Stay Stylish!



  1. that is such a great idea!
    such an easy solution to get a dress form fitting :)

  2. They also have a shop in Dublin City centre, near Jervis Shopping Centre. They are brilliant and very professional. :)

  3. the first dress is so adorable :) love it!

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    Is this possible?


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