Look Sexy Not Trashy!

In Jonathan's words...this is my "Star Trek dress".  He says that because of the distinctive panelling along the front, which you may or may not be able to make out from these pictures!  Please excuse the not-so-sexy background but I'm in my parents' house and these photos were taken in the kitchen.  The Star Trek dress is actually a very pretty form-fitting grey mini-dress from Whistles (belonging to my sister but I always steal her clothes).  I wore this in a video I filmed today on how to look sexy without looking trashy.  

My Tips
1. If you're showing cleavage, cover up your legs with tights or skinny jeans and heels.
2. If you're showing legs, cover up your cleavage with a high-neck blouse or dress.
3. Pick something form-fitting, which highlights the natural curves of your body.
4. If you don't have many curves, use a skinny belt to accentuate your waist!

What I'm wearing...
Whistles dark grey mini-dress
ASOS leopard print flats
Accessorize silver stud earrings
Chloe Paddington handbag
Pure silver bracelet

Let me know if you like the look!  What did you wear today?

Stay Stylish,


  1. That's a HOT dress!! It looks fantastic on you, and would look even better with heels then flats!


  2. I love this look Anna :) Very simple but chic. Also it looks very sexy with your tanned legs :)


  3. Looking forward to watching that vid on sexy-ness!!
    Wonderful dress!

  4. Super pretty! I love the gray combined with the cream color of this cute purse, makes it look more summery I guess, but it's still very 'dressed'.
    I look forward to the video! As far as I remember you mentioned 1x or 2x in your videos to either show legs _or_ cleavage and arms (and shoulders I guess), not both at the same time. It's what Ive stuck to since then, it was a great & helpful point.

    Wearing: short, pale peach empire-line dress from Primark, ivory crinkle scarf, selfmade ivory ruffle bracelet with little pearls, big pearl stud earrings, white leather flip flops.

    xxx from a Star Trek fan ^^

  5. Hi ! I love this look and the way you wear it, it is important. YOur hair style fits perfectly the outfit.ANd this outfit is made for your body type :) I love the colour. Casual chic and confortable.

  6. It is a rule of Viki Beckhem I like it!


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