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This morning I was browsing through my Facebook and caught sight of an article Natalia had posted on the Optimum Nutrition 4 U page.  It is entitled "Super Simple Summer Daily Menu".  This instantly appealed to me seeing as I'm a horrible cook and always looking for something simple and quick.  So I took one of the recipes (dinner) and prepared it for my lunch...and success!  It was yummy, fresh, summery, simple and QUICK to make.  I definitely suggest trying this out if you're not too talented in the cooking department.  I personally struggle with making salads, especially when I'm making it for one (my fiancé doesn't like salad!).  It may be easy for some people but for me it's a nightmare...I just don't know where to start!  So recipes like these that are quick and easy are a godsend!

I moderated the ingredients slightly to suit what was in the kitchen and ended up using:

Leafy salad
Spring onions (two)
Cherry tomatoes
Olive Oil (about two generous teaspoons)

Check out the Optimum Nutrition 4 U Facebook page for the full daily menu!  What are some of your favourite simple summer meals?



  1. That looks reallyyyyy good!!!


  2. In Romania, we eat this salad very often, in the summer. :)

  3. Looks delicios! I love salads, they're the best for summer/hot hot hot weather :)

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  4. Thank you!

    @Diana Yes salads are the best when it's hot!

  5. my mother in law makes a fresh corn salad. It's corn on the cob (cut off the cob), avocado, cilantro,and red pepper. you can choose the dressing. She puts a lime vinaigrette on it, but I'm not a fan so I used just a balsamic vinaigrette & loved it.

    my sister in law made some yummy wraps: whole wheat tortillas, chicken (stick it in the crock pot overnight with some chicken broth or water & taco seasoning & you don't have to do the hard work of cooking it), shred it up or cut into pieces after cooked. Then we also put in black beans, corn, purple onion, peppers, and a stripe of poppyseed dressing (not too much though as it is kind of fattening... maybe there's a fat free kind?) anyway, mess around with wraps, they're delish!


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