Back To School Fashion!

So I've been getting quite a lot of comments on my latest videos from worried viewers who fear I've neglected my fashion tutorials...don't fret, little ones!!  I haven't forgotten about the fashion side of my channel, I'm just branching out with the make-up ones.  And what's wrong with a bit of variety to spice things up?!  Honestly though, I don't think a lot of people who watch my YT vids even know I have this blog, where I regularly post my Outfits of the Day and such.  I think I had mentioned in my Back to School Make-Up post that there would be a follow-up post on fashion.  So If you're reading this blog and you know about it, you're one of the clever ones who gets all the inside scoop! 

I put together three looks that I personally feel are perfect for back to school/college.  These will all be in today's video but you special blog followers/readers get to see them here first!  These three looks reflect my own style, so do keep that in mind.  It's quite difficult to try and cater to everybody's style especially when you're young and in school, so my main priority was to keep the looks comfortable, relaxed and simple so you can build upon them with accessories.  When you're dressing for a school environment you don't want to feel uncomfortable or over-dressed but a lot of people get bored of the same old "jeans and t-shirt" look so I tried to make these a little bit varied and different than that!

What I'm Wearing:

Look #1
Khaki green combat-style pants - Primark (very similar style/price by ASOS here)
Grey ribbed long-sleeve t-shirt - Primark (similar style by John Lewis here)
Leopard print flats - Faith (similar style by Dorothy Perkins here)
Silver studs - Accessorize
Grey fringed jersey loop scarf - Accessorize (similar style in red by Bleu Dame here)
Metallic bangle - A local boutique (similar style by Oliver Bonas here)
Leather satchel - Joop! (similar style by Topshop here)

Look #2
Khaki green jacket - Bershka (similar style by ASOS here)
Black t-shirt - Mexx
Black pointy-toe flats - ASOS
Black/brown skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
Green disc earrings - Diamonds & Pearls/Bijou Brigitte (similar style here)
Vintage cuff - Stolen from my mom! (similar-ish and very fun Coca Cola style here!)
Leather satchel - Joop! (similar style by Topshop here)

Look #3
Black/brown skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
Dusky pink sweater - Sisley (get it in hot pink here)
Ballerina flats - Dunnes Stores (similar-ish style in grey by La Redoute here)
Dusky pink pashmina - Local market (similar style by M&S here)
Pink and gold feather earrings - Forever21 (get them in peachy pink here)
Leather satchel - Joop! (similar style by Topshop here)

I really hope you guys like the looks.  Please remember that everyone's style is different, so this is by no means the only "right way" to dress for school, it's just my input.

Stay Stylish!


  1. oooh..I am thinking of getting a satchel for this school year :)
    you are really pretty btw xxxx

  2. Love, love, love your looks, Anna and if I was still in school, I would probably sport some of them! :)

    Liesl :)

  3. Hey anna!
    I just love reading your blog! :-)
    Those are some very cute looks for school and college. My favorite is look 2!(Love that jacket) Too bad i have to wear a school uniform :-(
    Mary xx

  4. Love all the looks, Anna!
    Also you were absolutely GORGEOUS in the girls night out post, I love your hair braided it looks incredible.
    Personally I also really enjoy your make-up tutorials. :-)
    Please do some more outfit posts when it's colder like with boots and thicker jackets/coats will you?
    Have a nice day! :-))) Nina

  5. Thank you SO much for doing this post! I really needed it, and you/your channel/ and your blog are amazing :)


  6. Thanks so much :)

    @Anonymous/Nina Thank you dear and yes, I will definitely do more outfit posts when the weather gets a bit colder!

  7. Stumbled on your videos while looking for fashion tips for men - have a 13y/o niece who will simply love this advice -keep up the wonderful work.

  8. Hi love the youtube channel, and the outfits and style advice are really helpful! I was just wondering if you bought the ballet flats recently? It's just theyre exactly my stle and I would love to buy a pair but I haven't seen them in Dunnes before. Are they still in stock?
    PS Thanks for the make up tutorials!

  9. I really like your're such a sweet person! Lovely posts/videos!!!
    ...i know you grew up bilingual...and i would love to hear you speaking italian...or have you ever done a video in italian?

    I'm definitely a new follower!!

    from Austria/Salzburg...just an hour from munich away ;)

  10. Hey Florence, who cares.


  11. Great post! I want you to follow up on this topic?!?

  12. Hey Haley, and pigs fly???

    Fondest regards

  13. Great messenger bag! We've had a conversation going round the office today about what bag is the best for back to school fashion and the messenger bag won!


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