I Wish I Was...

This is Jonathan (my fiancé's) favourite kind of outfit I wear...jeans and a t-shirt!  What can I say, he's a simple guy!  But I have to say, it's nice when your other half loves how you look when you're dressed down just as much as when you're dressed up.  That's true love right there, girls...hahaha!

This is one of my favourite t-shirts...you probably can't tell because of the flash but it's actually a very pale apricot colour.  I wore my hair in a side-braid which I've been loving lately as it's perfect for a laid-back, summery look and I'm wearing a new eye-shadow by Pupa - Mineral Silk in #07.  It's a coppery beige colour which comes as a loose powder.

What I'm Wearing:
Light peach/pink t-shirt - Zara (similar style by American Apparel here)
Grey acid wash skinny jeans - Zara (similar style by J Brand here)
Grey and black ballet pumps - Zara (similar style by La Redoute here)
Copper earrings - A local market (similar style by Oliver Bonas here)
Pink and silver beaded bracelet - JouJou

What did you wear today?  Are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl?

Stay Stylish!


  1. I wore a short dress similar to your favorite summer dress. It had black to the top and jeans material for the skirt part and it's cinched on the waist with black elastic. I wore a white flip flop and a white summer bag. My boyfriend is simple like jonathan! Jeans and a Tshirt makes his day:)

  2. Boyfriend jeans rolled up and a white oxford with leopard print flats. I have to say I love that you find and link similar styles of each item. Incredibly helpful!! You look stunning as always :)

  3. A pale pink dress with a black cardigan.

    But I love the T-Shirt and jean combination a lot. My bf's favorite one is a T-Shirt and a short jean mini skirt. Actually he doesn't care at all about fashion and just likes everything "mini" *eye roll* xD

  4. You look really pretty. :D
    I like your hair but I also have to admit that I miss your shorter hair (the way it was last year).
    About the t-shirt and jeans. It's weard seeing you dressed like this but I like it.
    I wear t-shirts and jeans once in a while and it's so comfortable. :)

  5. Hello Anna,
    I love this look too! It looks great on you and definitely flatters your body. I love how even with the simplest outfit you can pull it off and look dressed up when really you are dressed down. The side braid looks stunning on you and is a perfect hairstyle for that outfit. Your make up is nice and natural but looks fabulous as it really compliments your skin tone and eye colour!
    Love you,
    Natalie x :)

  6. I'm loving you hair like this!
    It perfect for a laid back look but also for something more dressy! And I really like that you link to similar clothes..nice feature :)

    Love, Diana
    Songs and Fairy Tales

  7. Thank you, everyone! :)

    I loved reading all of your guys' outfits <3


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