Morning Coffee with Mama

This morning my mom and I went for coffee and a bit of shopping while Albi was at the groomer's.  We went to this really sweet cafe/delicatessen called On the Pig's Back.  They sell their own cheeses and bread which are sooo good!  I loved the decor of the place, especially our little table and the small pig door-stopper at the front door...ha ha ha!

How handsome does Albi look after his haircut?!  He smells lovely too!  It's always a bit scary bringing him to a new groomer/vet for the first time and he was nervous.  But the groomer was very friendly and sweet to him so we made another appointment.  He even gave her kisses when we left!  Let me know what you think of his new haircut!



  1. Where is On the Pigs Back in Cork?

  2. Oh Albi looks very handsome! It's so hard finding a good groomer, especially one that can handle my crazy dog!
    Where is On the Pigs Back as Im from Cork and would love to visit it. It's always nice to find a new coffe shop.

  3. Looks delightful!


  4. this place looks wonderful!

    I just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  5. Thank you! :)
    @Aoife @Little Miss Victoria On the Pig's Back is situated in the old industrial estate opposite Tesco Shopping Centre in Douglas.


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