The Mentalist

This outfit is totally inspired by the show, The Mentalist. any of you guys watch it??  It's a little cheesy, but I'm completely in love with Patrick Jane and I really like the actress who plays the main cop, Agent Lisbon (I can't remember her real name...if you watch the show you know who I'm talking about!).  One thing I love about her is the way she dresses on the show, she normally wears a fitted shirt and tucks it into her jeans with a belt.  Then she tops it off with a blazer.  It looks cute but professional, so of course I copied her style.  Although I don't think a cop would get away with such a see-through shirt...hahaha, oops!  

What I'm Wearing:
Navy blazer with shoulder pads - Zara (very similar style/price/different colour here)
Light knit top - InWear (similar style/price in grey by ASOS here)
Brown leather belt - Vera Moda (similar style by ASOS here)
Dark wash skinny jeans - Miss Anna (similar style by ASOS here)
Brown leather riding boots - Faith (similar style by Dune here)

I also got a lovely package today from someone very special!  My fiancé Jonathan, my puppy Albi and I each got something so thoughtful from her...

Everything was beautifully wrapped and mine even came with a pink ribbon!

And here she is!  It's Rebecca from See You In Sweden, one of my favourite fashion blogs.  Check it out!  Here she is with her adorable puppy, Rugby!

Albi loved his little stuffed hedgehog!!

Jonathan with his beloved "subscriber wall", where he puts drawings, cards and photos that we get from our lovely viewers.  Rebecca sent him pins for his board, which he badly needed!  We both agreed that this was a very clever gift!

And I got the best present of all, Airy Fairy lipstick!  One of my favourites, which I cannot buy in Ireland.  Thank you so much Rebecca!  I hope you'll all check out her blog, her style is minimalistic and so chic.   

Let me know what you think of my outfit and whether you watch The Mentalist...I'm curious to know!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Anna, you look soooo sexy and beautiful! And this is an opinion from a girl! :P
    Jonathan is so funny in that picture because he looks like he stands in front of the class with his undone homework. (my imagination is going crazy...)
    Albi, little Albi, he's adorable as usual! :D

  2. Hey Anna,
    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love navy and this tan color together:-) Very chic and sophisticated!

  3. Gorgeous, those boots are amazing!
    What lovely presents too, Albi is adorable! xo

  4. I think this is my favourite outfit of all you ever showed on your blog/your videos. This is exactly what I love - jeans, shirt, boots - particularly the colours! Easy, comfortable, cool and chic at same time. Thumbs up Anna, you look awesome!

    <3 Katrin

  5. I love this look, blazer with skinny jeans is my favourite!

  6. I'm so in love with your boots! -sigh-

  7. I love the Mentalist. Its actaulyl one of my favorite shows. I am loving the outfit also! Very Beautiful. Your Knit top is cute Albi is just adorable also!

  8. -Anna, thank you so much! This made my day, especially with the pictures which are great :) I'm so jealous of my presents though because they have now been to Ireland now and I still haven't :( haha.
    -As for this outfit, Whoaaaaa, I am definitely going to copy you. Saying you look Amazing is an understatement!
    -The Mentalist is one of my favorites!! I am in love with Simon Baker and the way he can wear a suit vest, haha. Why can't all men dress like that at least occasionally?
    -So glad you enjoyed everything! You're the best :)

  9. Love, love, love your outfit, Anna!!! So something I would wear and your boots are FABULOUS...just in case you didn't already know! ;)

    Loving the subscriber wall...such a fun idea and Jonathan looks lovely posing by it! :)

    Pins were a clever gift indeed...well done, Rebecca!

    Liesl :)

  10. Love the outfit:)
    I watch The Mentalist haha, love that show!
    You look gorgeous xx

  11. @Shopperita Thank you so much! Ohmigod, your comment about Jonathan made me laugh...hahaha!

    @Riham Thank you, yes I love navy and tan together too...I think they compliment each other well!

    @jennie Thank you! I bought these boots about 3 or 4 years ago,they've lasted such a long time!

    @Katrin Wow, thank you so much! :)

    @StyleFrost Yes, a blazer can really tie the look together! Love them!

    @Ashley Thank you! They're so old, got them about 3/4 years ago!

    @Lifeofagirl Hehe, yes The Mentalist always manages to entertain me!

    @Rebecca Aww, thank you so much :) I really appreciated everything you sent, you were too generous!! I know right, this is my point exactly...there should be more Patrick Jane types in the world!!! Love the way he dresses so much, and the way he only ever drinks tea..oh and his car :)

    @Liesl Thank you!! I'm so glad you like it :)

    @Schnella Thanks! I think The Mentalist was on last night, which means I'll be watching it tonight, yay! :)

  12. I was disappointed you didn't show the lipstick, or even say what brand it was from!

  13. Anna, you look absolutely stunning! And these jeans suit you SO good! :)

  14. Love the whole look, perfectly styled and love the hair and natural makeup - perfect! X

  15. love the jacket! come follow and vote xxo

  16. hey =)

    i think you're a ''natural beauty'' ;)
    and the real name of agent lisbon is robin tunney =)quite a beauty, too.

    just wanted to say those two things to you ;)

    greets from hamburg


  17. Wow I love this outfit, every time u posta new outfit it always surprises me with how goo it looks . Please check out my blog and give some constructive criitisim and ....spraed the word...thanks

  18. Great look! you look lovely and I am loving your boots!!! I've never even heard of the mentalist...must be good!

  19. ANNA!!! I LOVE this look! Your hair looks sooo cute :) As always!


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