Cooking for the Family

Yesterday was our first night entertaining at our new home.  It was a house-warming party of sorts, except the only people invited were my family...ha ha ha!  Okay, not was actually more of a fun night off from cooking for my mom, as since we've moved to Cork we've been totally taking advantage of her home-cooked meals and decided to turn the tables and repay her for all the yummy food she's made!

I'm no culinary goddess, as many of you already I took on the challenge of preparing a two course meal (dinner and dessert, because who needs starters!) and I cooked everything from scratch.  Here's what I came up with!

More cute Halloween decorations!

Witchy garland and candy corn candle: TK Maxx
Felt bats, pumpkins and ghosts: Lidl
Honeycomb pumpkin and cobweb: Hanley's Holiday Shop
Autumn flowers: Aldi

Candles in the living room

Preparing the main course...

Main course: Conchiglioni Ripieni (Stuffed Pasta)

Dessert: White Chocolate Mousse with Black Pepper and Mint

And the verdict??  Everyone absolutely loved it all!  The house didn't burn down, nothing blew up, no-one got food poisoning (so far!) and the night was a great success :)  I actually enjoyed cooking for everyone and it ended up being a lovely, cosy, Halloween-y evening!  I think we'll make a tradition out of this and I can't wait for next week, when I get to do it all again!

So tell me, what do you think of my menu?  What is your favourite thing to cook for your family?

Stay Stylish!


  1. The desert looks yumeee! :D

  2. Hi Anna,

    as I recently commented on your daily vlog (LittleMeFromGermany - that's me, haha), I really think that all must have tasted delicious! I think you're very good at cooking and it's good to hear that you enjoyed it!

    I'm not really a genius in the kitchen and so my favourite thing to cook is an oriental style red lentil soup - it's so quick and easy and tastes gorgeous, everyone loves it! :-)

    <3 Katrin

  3. Bet they all loved this delicious food. Yum that stuffed pasta looks amazing! Share the recipe? ;)
    I have just returned from Sardinia, there I had the most amazing pasta's - nom nom.
    ps: love u in your apron, super cute xoxo

  4. Wow Anna your house is coming along so nicely, its looking really cosy. Can't wait to see what you do for christmas:-)

    Quick question for dessert you used white chocolate, pepper and mint. How did it all taste? sounds like a weird combination, looked great though.

  5. Fancy presentations Anna, ooh la la! yes, how was the dessert with the black pepper? Very interesting, sounds like something they'd do on Top Chef. It does look cozy, and inspires me to do a dinner party. I haven't done one in probably 2 years, yikes, I have no excuse!
    -Tammi Marie

  6. Can we get the white choccy mousse recipe? Sounds unusual and yummy!

  7. Beautiful house! I would also like to have the mousse recipe =)

  8. Whenever I go home, my dad usually cooks dinner. But if I was too cook I would cook my dad one of his favorite foods- cheeseburgers, steak, bratwurst or pork-chops with mashed potatoes and baked beans (one of his favorite sides).
    Looks very yummy! I love stuffed pasta. :)

    - Heidi

  9. Care to share the Conchiglioni Ripieni recipe? Would love to try it at home!

  10. That all looked so yummy! Id love to know the name of the recipe book you used. Thanks

  11. Everything looks good!
    I am really curious about the mousse.
    It sounds good!

  12. Ooh it looks like you had a lovely evening! :) The white chocolate mousse looks SO delicious!! Definitely need to try that out sometime :) :)

  13. Very lovely food :) I'm not much of a cook either. When I do cook though... I like to make just a simple pasta, or Japanese curry. For a dessert or sweet treat my specialty is Lemon Squares :) I can make them from scratch!

  14. Your pasta looks beautiful. And your house looks great all cosy with the candles and the pretty decorations.

  15. Thanks girls :)

    I will post the two recipes later on today, along with pictures of the ingredients I used!

    @SarlouJayne It actually tasted surprisingly good! Everyone loved it...I admit I was a bit nervous putting in the black pepper but it worked out really well.

    @Tammi Yes, it was a weird combination! I was so apprehensive about adding pepper but like I said to Sarah, it worked out great and gave the sweet dessert a bite!

    @Anonymous#2 I used Gino D'Acampo's book, Buonissimo!

  16. omg're such a ho bag..i can't believe you cooked this and didn't include the recipe..such a cooking whore! POST IT DANGIT! Corbin loves stuffed shells and always asks me to make some..but the only recipe i have is from Giada..ughhh and I didn't like it that much...god you're so domestic now...LOL loves it girl

  17. I saw the video of this day and I loved how the food looked! Can't wait for the recipe! I'm a vegetarian, but I can always change it up with soy (:
    I think we can always be a good cook. We just have to do it more and really commit to it!

  18. That looks delicious, Anna! You did such a great job, and your decorations for Halloween are perfect! You are just like me when it comes to cooking, and taking the challenge on from time to did it perfectly!

    Liesl :)

  19. Looks so, so good. My favorite things to cook are from Pioneer Woman but mostly Nigella (and some Ina Garten in there when I'm feeling fancy :) Have to say that mousse looks amazing. How different that it has black pepper. Would love to try that out and see how it tastes!

  20. Looks great, it must have been delicious, too. I have to admit I don't have time to cook at home, I don't actually do it much. But if I do, I put a big effort in making the plates look nice (seems like you also do so). Speaking of nice decor, I just love your witchy garland (actually, I think it belongs to the best Halloween pieces I have seen this year so far).

  21. Greetings,
    I just found your blog..and LOVE it. The dinner looks so good right now, it is making me hungry.

    I really want to try that stuffed pasta..Pasta is probably my favorite food, but I don't often eat it, but when I do...oh yummy!

    Anyway, thanks for such a fun blog...and videos too..I will be visiting often.

    The halloween dectorations look so pretty and fun....

    Have a lovely day!

  22. Love the decorations, very festive :D Looks so cozy!


  23. Love the conchiglioni! You're so pretty! Visit my italian blog..I'm a soon as possible I'll trnslate my blog in english too.

  24. I wish i could cook something that good without blowing things up...


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