Tunic Dress

Dress - Zara (similar style in black from A-Wear here)
Shoes - Zara (similar style in black and gold by Steve Madden here)
Tights - ASOS
Earrings - Talullah Tu

I'm kind of behind on posting this, but anyway it's Halloween-themed so I think it's okay :)  Last Friday we were joined by my mom and two sisters as well as my future mother-in-law, who stayed with us for one night.  She lives in Dublin and this was her first visit to our new house!  Jonathan cooked a delicious Shepherd's Pie, I made a salad (it took all of 3 minutes) and the mamas brought dessert.  Check out the Halloween cake Jonathan's mom brought us!  How cute is that?!  I love the ghost with one tooth...haha!

And this was our table set-up...that's my birthday present from Jonathan's mom in the bag, she gave me a beautiful handmade pink scarf.  The cute pumpkin napkins are from my mom!

Hope you all had/are having a great Halloween!

Stay Stylish!



  1. Nice dress!
    That cake is so funny!! :))

    P.S. I gave you a tag to write about the things you like but barely use! Hope you'll take it. :)

  2. That dress is gorgeous! Happy Halloween <3 xo

  3. I LOVE that dress on you, Anna! The cut, colors, everything! What a nice Birthday present from Jonathan's mother too...and cute cake!

    Liesl :)

  4. Love the tunic dress. looks gorgeous on you, such nice colours! The earrings so suit that outfit, stunning.
    hehe that cake looks awesome...AND delicious :p

  5. When I saw you wearing that dress in the vlog video I just thought that brown suits you so well! I really love this dress and it goes so god together with the earrings. Beautiful outfit!

    <3 Katrin

  6. I just love what the gold shoes in this outfit do to the outfit instead of black shoes! completely changes it and glams it up even more. happy halloween to you and your bug!!

  7. You're outfit looks tres chic =)

    Cute decorations, makes me want to decorate my own place!


  8. And now listen to me in turn. You have touched me more profoundly than I thought even you could have touched me - my heart was full when you came here today. Henceforward I am yours for everything....


  9. Lovely dress you're wearing there, Anna! It's gorgeous and the colour really suits you. I have one similar in shape but I like to wear it with a pair of heels, I'm not very into flats.

    Your blog is one of my favourites to read. You do such a nice job Anna!

    Hugs and kisses from Romania!

  10. I love that you always show us alternatives to the clothes you're wearing! I think the dress looks lovely! Wavy hair looks beautiful on you (:

  11. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!! I went shopping once and I found a similar style, but I have no curves and it looked so weird, like I was buried in loose fabric :( Anyway that dress looks FAB on you!

  12. Love the dress! Happy Birthday!! :D

  13. Happy birthday, Anna! Thank you for all the wonderful things you share! <3


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