Some Christmas Goodies!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday...eek!  This year has flown by so fast!  I have just started getting ready for Christmas, as I intend to start decorating right after Thanksgiving.  If you were reading my blog this time last year, you'll know that because we were so busy moving etc. we only got our Christmas tree put up a few days before the 25th :(  It was very sad!  So this year, I want an early start as I'd like to enjoy my house at Christmas!  My mom recently came back from Dublin and brought me these lovely Christmassy things!  Actually the tin of sweets is for my fiancé, Jonathan (hahaha) and the confetti are what I had mentioned before in a wedding post, they will be our favours for our wedding. They're hard sugary sweets with almond in the middle and are traditionally given at Italian weddings or christenings.  

Onto my absolute favourite for Christmas...panettone.  These have become very popular in Ireland recently, I remember when you could hardly find them here.  This is a traditional Italian Christmas cake, or sweet bread.  It's what we eat every Christmas morning for breakfast with a hot drink.  Yum!  The original kind has candied fruit inside but this particular one has chocolate.  Normally you get a big panettone to share with the whole family, but this is a cute baby one!  I can't wait to eat it all myself share it with Jonathan!

All these sweet treats are from Carluccio's in Dublin.

My mom also brought me back some adorable decorations from Avoca.  I absolutely love the gingerbread man and cupcake!  They are made of soft fabric but covered in glittery "sugar".  The heart is for my room, I think it will look so sweet hanging on my closet door :)

Last week I also picked up some decorations from Dwyer's (they usually sell electrical things like fridges, cooking appliances, stoves, etc.) who had a surprisingly good Christmas collection!  I got two wooden reindeer, a star decoration covered in toadstools and two furry polar bears.  My mom took the other two (they came in a pack of four).

From Dwyer's I also picked up three stockings for each member of the family...can you guess which one is Albi's?  I'll give you a hint, it's the one with only a right eye..hahaha!  

Actually, this fell off accidentally but how much of a coincidence is that?! 

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet?  What is your decorating style? 

Stay Stylish!


  1. Everything looks so christmassy...I love it! I wonder if I can find an italian store here in Copenhagen? Btw Anna, after your video on YT, Preparing The Base, I purchased the Embryolisse creme. And I just want to say thank you, thank you (you convinced me to get it!) because that creme is amazing and it has calmed my skin and acne! Amazing!
    It´s me, Erian :0)


  2. awh you have made me quite excited for Christmas now with all the lovely decorations, i cant wait to see how your house turns out for the festive season.
    And thats just hilarious about Albi's stocking, Albi is defiantly one lucky dog, i wish all dogs had parents like you two <3

  3. I love Christmas! My mother has some of her stuff up! I need to go Xmas shopping!

  4. Here in Croatia where I'm from we also give away confetti at weddings and we have panettone ;) I love panettone in the Christmas morning :D

  5. I shop all year pretty much for Christmas gifts. That's the best way to find the deals. :) I think I have just a few things left to buy for my niece. We put our Christmas tree and decorations up yesterday. I think my style is glittery! I'll probably post a picture on dailybooth and I will have blog posts starting next week on decorations and food (already have posts on gift ideas). Have a good Thanksgiving! How are you guys celebrating it?

  6. The decorations are really cute! I'm excited to see your house when it's fully decorated for Christmas and of course I can't wait to see your Christmas tree in your vlog (hope you'll film it)! ;-) Do you really put it up weeks before Christmas? We don't before Christmas Eve, but maybe it's a German thing...

    For now I'm too busy writing my master thesis, so I have hardly time to go Christmas shopping and decorating my apartment... :-(

    But I'll spend the holiday at my Mama's house and there will be lots of beautiful decoration and a nice tree! :-) She mostly uses warm colours, red and gold, which I loooove for Christmas time... It makes it all so warm and cosy.

    Best wishes, Katrin

  7. That one-eyed stocking is so funny and I really love those polar bears!! Can't wait to see all the decorations up! I usually go after it pretty quickly after Turkey Day :)

  8. I went into a shop called Cost Plus and picked up some Cadbury Roses! :) Made me think of you guys. It was in the holiday section of the store. Awww I love your new Christmas stuff. Especially the little polar bears. Love Albi's stocking and it was meant to be his. :) I need to pick one up for Colossus but I haven't found one I like yet. XOXO

  9. Wow! You got me even more excited for Christmas!I would love to try out the panettone with chocolate!

  10. When I see all these picture I can't wait for the Christmas to come!! Lovely things! :)

  11. @Anonymous/Erian Wow, that's amazing!! I'm so happy for you! Thank you for letting me know :) Do they have Lidl or Aldi in Copenhagen? I know they sell a cheaper brand of panettone around Christmas time.

    @Anonymous #2 Haha, thanks :)

    @JuffiesPlace Have fun! My mom refuses to put anything up before December 1st!

    @Andrea Wow, I did not know that about Croatia!

    @lake breeze Can't wait :) We are going to my mom's for Thanksgiving. We probably won't decorate for that though as I made all our family Thanksgiving decorations and they're at my parents' house. My pumpkins are still outside my door though!!

    @Katrin That sounds beautiful! Yes, some people already have their decorations up and all the lights and trees are up in town! We usually wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate, but my mom waits till Dec. 1st!

    @Please Do Not Feed the Animals :) Thanks!

    @Rebecca Haha I know right...I couldn't believe it when I realised!

    @alongcameaspydr Wow, no way!! You need to let me know which one is your favourite! Remember, the purple ones rule!!

    @iamchibee You should, it's so yummy! A bit like brioche :)

    @Shopperita Thank you!

  12. you're getting me into the xmas spirit now :):) xoxo

  13. thanks Anna! we do have lidl and aldi here, so i´m going there to check it out..many thanks again!!! p.s. hello to jonathan and albi :0)

    erian (copenhagen)


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