Katherine Heigl Inspired Look

Never in my whole entire "real life" have I been told I look like Katherine Heigl.  Yet for some reason I get told that all the time in the magical world of YouTube.  Not that there's anything wrong with being compared to her, I just don't see it.  Especially in these photos...maybe you guys disagree but I feel like the more you try to be something you're not, the more obvious it is!  Like this one time when I tried on my German grandmother's traditional dirndl and my dad saw me in it and was like "wow, you look so Italian...you are clearly a Saccone!"  I guess wearing a traditional German dress made it even more apparent how much I look like my dad's side of the family.  Anyway, you get the general idea!  Trying to make myself look like Katherine Heigl = not looking like Katherine Heigl!

But at the same time, she is gorgeous and has a beautiful natural approach to make-up.  She tends to keep it very minimal on the eyes, just a little bit glowy with the main focus being on her lips.  Here's how I recreated her everyday look.

Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium Beige
Bare Minerals Concealer in Summer Bisque
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil 
Benefit 10 Bronzing Powder and Highlight (applied to temples, cheekbones and jawline)
 Benefit Georgia Blush (applied to apples of cheeks)

MAC Skintone 1 e/s from Noteriety Quad all over the lid
Sleek Storm Palette Medium Brown (3rd e/s in top row) in the crease
Impala Waterproof Eyeliner along top waterline and outer corners of upper lashline
CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara on top lashes and just a touch on the bottom

Rimmel Beach Babe lipstick 
FYF Cosmetics Adelina lipgloss

And here are the photos from which I got my inspiration.

If you are a subscriber of my YouTube channel, you can watch the video tutorial here.  I think I've figured out how to edit properly now that I've got all my new software installed...woo hoo!  Let me know what you think of the look :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. i find it really interesting that you say that you're dad (and you yourself probably feel the same way) saw you as so purely italian, because when i watch your videos, your looks and your i don't know character/demeanor, i perceive it as very very german ( i am german and have lived in germany for most of my life + part of my family is italian). in the beginning you didn't mention you're family was partially german and i thought of you as very german then already ( and when you said Oma for the first time it finally made sense to me : ) ).

  2. Wow, I never compared to Katherine Heigl... I have to agree with you, I don't really see it! I mean, she's gorgeous, and so are you (needless to say!) but I don't necessarily think you guys look alike.

    This is random, but do your eyebrows naturally grow like that? They look so perfect!!!


  3. Love this look! Gonna pick up the lipstick this week I think :) LovelyGirlieBits

  4. Hey Nina :)
    I miss you fashion videos and blogs. You focus on make up too much in my opinion. Give us your fashionista side because that´s what you´re good at. You can do some make-overs on your friends and family and show us on video. Or do some more interesting stuff. Otherwise I like this look ;)

  5. I can see both Italian and Irish/German in you. But I dont see what these things have to do with Katharine Heigl.

  6. Anonymous - Heigl is of German / Irish heritage.

  7. I like the natural look :) Good job! I actually think you look like Claire Danes in "Romeo and Juliet" when you smile sometimes.

  8. I definitely see the german in you too!

  9. You look lovely,love how its such a simple, easy to wear,natural look.Lovely post yet again Anna.
    lots of love from greece

  10. You look great but I've never had "Katherine Heigel" come to mind, haha! Gorgeous in your own right :)

  11. I don't see Katherine Heigel in you but I definitely agree with you that she has an awesome approach to make up! I absolutely love this tutorial...it is so do-able!

  12. I love a more natural look on you, Anna! So clean and fresh! Katherine Heigel is gorgeous so she's a good person to be compared to! Lots of love! xx (Liz from LizYArtur)

  13. Love it, Anna! Plus, since everyone seems to think I look like her, and I get stopped for her in LA, maybe I'll follow this look next Halloween and just be here...too fun! Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

    Liesl :)


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