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My favourite drugstore brand of lipstick is definitely Rimmel.  They are such good quality and aren't drying at all!  As you can see from the image above, I do have my "most frequently used" shades...hahaha!  What's also pretty obvious is that I'm a big neutrals fan.  Some of these are cool-toned, others warm-toned, some are shimmery and others are matte.  Let me take you through all my favourites and give you my opinion on them: 

Summer Angel
My absolute holy grail go-to lipstick!  I adore this shade.  It's the perfect nude pink with warm undertones and gold shimmer which gives it a beautiful frosty effect.  It's so wearable, I love it!  To add a little bit more drama for night-time, just add lipliner!

Rose Bikini
Another warm toned lipstick, this one a peach colour with lots of gold shimmer.  Very sparkly and golden!

Beach Babe
In the same range as Summer Angel and Rose Bikini, this is the darkest of the three.  It's a brown/bronze colour with gold shimmer and warm undertones.

A very creamy matte nude/brown shade.  This is a great neutral for when you're doing something more dramatic on the eyes and want to keep the lips really simple.  It's a darker shade of my own natural lip colour.  

Spotlight Beige
Almost identical to Glam, this is a slightly lighter version of the same thing.  The only problem with both this and Glam is that they are very warm toned with a brown-ish tinge to them so they have the tendency to make your teeth look slightly yellow!

Airy Fairy
A cool-toned matte nude pink lipstick with a hint of mauve.  This is my second favourite of the bunch!  I like this for those days when I don't want any shimmer or sparkle.  The only problem is you can't get this here or in the UK, only in the US :(

This is the perfect party lipstick!  A super glittery candy pink with lots of silver sparkles.  This is definitely cool-toned and looks amazing paired with black or grey clothing as it really lifts the colours.

Vintage Pink
This looks almost lavender/mauve on my lips!  This is as daring and pigmented as it gets for me, hahaha!  Unfortunately, my fiancé isn't so keen on the shade though which is why it hardly gets worn.  This is very matte, cool-toned and looks amazing with purples, turquoise and blue clothing.

So there you have it, my favourite Rimmel lipsticks!  Let me know if you've tried any of these out and what you think of them.  If you haven't ever bought a lipstick from Rimmel, I highly recommend it!  They are such good quality and really affordable too.  Yay!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Since the first time I saw a video where you wear your summer angel lipstick - i wanted to have this lipstick!
    in germany it´s not available. but in february i will buy the summer angel in london EN MASSE. ;o)

  2. I like the Rimmel lipsticks, too but I haven't found the "holy grail" one yet. :P
    I have "Vintgae Pink", "Celebe" and "Airy Fairy".

    In Romania, Maybelline have a bigger range of lipstick than Rimmel and so I'm a bigger fan of "Color sensational" range from Maybelline.

  3. Love all your neutral, peachy pink colors...exactly the colors I like to wear and I really like the Rimmel line...I think I have to try the Summer Angel color! So lovely!

    Liesl :)

  4. I bought Summer Angel b/c of you and I LOVE IT!! After seeing this post, I want Glam, Spotlight Beige, Airy Fairy (which I haven't been able to find in America), and Vintage Pink. I'll have to look for them at the store! Our Summer Angel comes in the purple tube in the U.S. (I live in Michigan) so I'll have to check and see if we have the others. Awesome, thanks for this post!! :) Can you do a similar one for different mascaras? ...(if you have a variety, that is). ~Janessa, loyal subscriber ;)

  5. Good post. I also bought Summer Angel because of you awhile ago now, (8 months ago or so?). That started my love affair with Rimmel. I also have Airy Fairy (we have it in Ohio above poster), and Fancy. I just got one last week that said it was a new color called Kiss which is bright but very pretty. And I have Berry Rose which is the perfect winter color.
    I have one lipgloss, one of their summer liquid vinyls that Emily Noel recommend.
    You should try Revlon Rose Dew, also a rec from Emily Noel and I love it!

  6. nice review ^^ i like it. I been wanting to try drug store lipsticks because I think brand names are just so expensive~ ( so ended up not wearing any lipstick most of the time!) n lipsticks tend to run really fast if use daily~ so yeah.. I think I will give Rimmel a try~ =) good post~

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  7. I really really wish we could get 'Airy Fairy' in the UK. I've watched so many videos and read so many blogs were people have said it's amazing! Do you know of any dupes?

  8. omg.. your lips looked so good w/ those colors!! I AM JEALOUS TO THE MAX! baby jesus! ;D

  9. I love this post! :) I think I like them all! You have good taste....Summer angel is my fave! Bravo, Anna!

  10. I love Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick! I have one in "Latino." It's the perfect soft, everyday cool-toned pink. I can't wear nudes because I'm very pale and cool-toned with quite pigmented pink lips, as well as very dark brown hair. Nudes and warm colors wash me out, so I love "Latino." I really want to try Fancy and Airy Fairy, but I'm afraid Airy Fairy might be too light.. Do you think Airy Fairy would look good on me with my coloring?

  11. vintage pink looks awesome on u! :)

    i have never purchased a rimmel lipstick
    the colors i want are always sold out! :(
    i want to try at least 1 some time soon! will have to keep a look out for airy fairy & summer angel!

  12. just bought airy fairy today!! they had TONS and i thought of you and beauty crush. i could send some if you like?? :)


  13. You can't get it in the UK? But i also live in Europe and i find it in stores (i live in Romania).

  14. *I was talking about Airy Fairy ><

  15. I bought airy fairy some month ago but i don't think the quality is good. It dries out my lips soo much :(

  16. Airy fairy looks gorgeous, it sucks we can't get it in the UK! I really like vintage pink too :) xo

  17. I went to choose a few Rimmel shades from my local Wal-Greens last night...unfortunately a lot of these ones are hard to find (even in the US!) The only two avaliable out of your picks were Beach Babe and Vintage Pink. I really want Airy Fairy and Spotlight Beige. I did pick up Dreamy though...which I really like.

  18. I have "airy fairy" and "vintage pink" and I've been looking for "summer angel" (because of you) but I don't think they have it here in Canada. I don't think we have those bronze packaging ones... :( I would gladly buy airy fairy or vintage pink for someone who would buy summer angel for me!

  19. @Janessa I will definitely do one for mascaras! Thanks for the request! :)

    @Cherries in the Snow I haven't found any yet, but will keep you updated!

    @Esther I definitely think it would look nice on you! Airy Fairy is quite cool-toned, with a hint of mauve. I don't think it will be too light on you :) Maybe try it out and let me know what you think!

  20. Hi Anna! I actually saw Airy Fairy in the store for the first time, and it was too pale and mauve-y for me. I did try out In Vogue which is a cool pinky red and I loved it. Airy Fairy looks great on you, though!


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