Sex and The City Necklace!

Yesterday I received my name necklace, woo hoo!  I was really looking forward to getting this.  As most of you probably already know, the name necklace became extremely popular when Carrie from Sex and the City started wearing one on the show.  I had recently also seen a lot of other bloggers wearing these and I think they are so cute!  

I feel that this is the perfect Christmas gift for any woman in your life, whether it's your mom, your best friend, your sisters, your girlfriend or your wife.  What I love about these name necklaces is that they're so personal and special in that you can personalise it anyway you want.  You can choose the metal, the colour, the font, whether you want Swarovski crystals or any kind of other embellishments.  That's what makes it so special!  You can also opt for something different than your name, or simply put your first initial.  

The name necklace is also such an easy gift to buy, as it's the kind of thing which will fit almost anyone's style whether they are classic or edgy.  You can dress the necklace up or down, depending on what you like to wear.

My name necklace is the sterling silver, 14" chain and I simply inscribed my name, Anna.  I absolutely love it!  This will go with any outfit and the length is perfect for me as I like simple necklaces like these to be quite short.  Chains also come in 16" and 18".  I was impressed by the quality of the necklace, it's very well made and looks exactly how it does on the website.  Shipping was very fast, it arrived within a week's time. 

My necklace costs €27.95 at the moment, as the website are having a Christmas sale!  They also ship worldwide, and are currently offering free shipping.  You can purchase your very own name necklace from here.

My lipstick is Rimmel Airy Fairy and I styled my hair with my GHD (watch the tutorial here).
Outfit details are here.

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for reviewing purposes.  I was not paid by nor am I affiliated with the brand in anyway.  This is my honest opinion, as always.


  1. Aww, it's so cute and looks really well made too! xoxo

  2. The chain is SUPER pretty : D I have a name necklace too, but my girlfriend wears it. Haha xD

  3. It's so pretty, DulceCandy have it too:) and I know what I want for Christmas!;D

  4. Lovely necklace, i want one! :)

  5. I ordered one last week too and it came yesterday, absolutely love it! i went for the 18'' chain instead. So glad you tweeted about this site i'd wanted one for ages :)

  6. So pretty! Should I tell my boyfriend to buy me that for Christmas? Hahaha..maybe for my birthday. :P

  7. I like those necklaces very much, but I don't own one (yet?). :)

  8. I just love it, sweety!! I am planning to get my own one: "Tanya"!! Thanks for letting us know about this piece and also about the website!

  9. Hi! I was wondering if salaries you get are always the same or variable? Could you, please, answer? (I want to be a fashion/makeup stylist in the future.)


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