Twenty Ten: A Year in Review

One of the great things about blogging is that if you do it for long enough, you can actually look over a whole year in pictures!  I noticed quite a few of my favourite bloggers are doing this kind of post today so here's my contribution :)  Enjoy!

It was at the beginning of last year in January when Albi became our very own little pirate!
 At the end of the previous October his eye was badly scratched when he was attacked by a cat.  He had a big operation and the vet tried to save the eye but it developed glaucoma and had to be removed in January.  After he came out of surgery Albi was like a completely different puppy...he was so happy and energetic since the pain was gone!  It's funny how we never even think of it anymore, it doesn't seem to affect him at all and hardly anyone notices because his hair grows so long, hahaha!

Jonathan (my fiancé) turned 30 in February!  Can you spot Albi under the table?!  Hahaha!

My YouTube channel and blog got A LOT of press!  For which I am so thankful.  :)

In April Albi turned one!  I love my little monster!
For his birthday he got a mini staircase for our bed so he can get up and down by himself.  His legs are too stubby and short, hahaha!  He even had a birthday party at the park with his Maltese friends.  
(Watch the video here!)

My little sister Erika made her Confirmation!  We drove down from Dublin to be there.  She looked so pretty in her white robe!

Probably the biggest highlight of the year...we got engaged!  Jonathan proposed on our three year anniversary, June 3rd 2010.  We've recently set the date for September 1st 2011 in Sorrento, Italy.  (Read the interview about our wedding plans and Jonathan's proposal here!)

Jonathan got offered a job in Cork, where my family live and with that we packed up all our stuff and moved from our apartment in Dublin (see messy bedroom above)... our new home!  Moving from a small one bedroom apartment to a spacious three bedroom duplex was a big change!  I love where we live, being close to family is so important to me.

Shortly after we moved I got my Makeup Artistry Diploma from American Beauty.  I am now a fully qualified stylist and makeup artist...yay!   

Albi turned into a little bug for Halloween...and scared away all the trick-or-treaters with his barking, haha!  

In November I turned 23!  I spent a wonderful morning opening presents at my mom's house while Jonathan was at work and then we went out to a restaurant later that evening.  

We celebrated Thanksgiving together, again at my mom's house.  Jonathan ate all the sweet potatoes...hahaha!

We also celebrated a very relaxing Christmas together and even made our first family Christmas card

Oh, and somewhere along the way...I managed to transform THIS:

Into THIS: 

My proudest achievement for 2010!

Here's hoping 2011 is even better...

Stay Stylish!


  1. Hey Anna :)

    I really relate to you, it's so weird but a lot of whats happened in your life has also happened in mine. I had a tough few years in very similar circumstances to you and have managed to be successful dispite of it.

    I always enjoy reading your blog and appreciate you sharing so much with us!

    Jade xx

  2. I've been reading your blog for the entire year. The time goes by so quickly!
    I hope you'll have an awesome 2011! Happy New Year! :D

  3. awww the book looks amazing! I love looking back at what has happened in your life at the end of the year.

  4. i loved this because ive been following you on this blog and youtube for ages, so ive seen all this happen as it did :D heres to another year!

    happy new year :D xxx

  5. What an amazing year you've had, and all the success is so well deserved!

    Here's to 2011, I hope it's a good one!

  6. What a great year I'm very happy for you an Jonathan and Albi. I hope 201a will be just as good for you and me.

  7. I love this blog :0) thanks for sharing, Anna!


  8. Amazing year! Thanks for sharing. You and your family are adorable.

  9. Congratulations on a very rewarding 2010! Looking forward to following you, Jonathan and Albi in your 2011 adventures and goals. Love you lots! XOXO - Charlotte

  10. congrats on alllll the great things that have happened this year for you and you family!! Here's to another year of even better things to come your way!!! love you guys!! <3

    wiccaka19 on twitter =)

  11. Hey anna! When will your book be available? You should do a blog post on how to self publish and what steps you took. Or have you done it already? Happy New Year!

  12. Great post and overview! Love the book cover! I hope it's a tremendous success :) Wishing you, Jonathan, Albi and your family and Happy New Year!


  13. I Love Your Blog!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  14. Love your year in review post, Anna! Congratulations on your book too...that is FABULOUS!!! I hope you, Jonathan and Albi have a very Happy New Year 2011!

    Liesl :)

  15. Great post!
    Happy New Year Anna
    May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2011
    I just KNOW your book will be a success and you have your amazing wedding to look forward to also!
    Lots of love xoxo Roz

  16. hey anna! cant believe youre getting married on my birthday!!(; keep up the amazing blogging! where do u buy your book? cant wait to get it! HAPPY 2K11!! (: xxxx

  17. The book looks INCREDIBLE, I cannot wait to read it and see all the illustrations. And how cute is Albi with the patch, adorable!! Here's to even better things coming your way this year :)

  18. what an amazing year!!!

    just noticed my little blog on your blogroll... sooo humbled! thank you so so much!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  19. An impressive year! i pretty much slept through most of 2010 so this is making me feel quite ashamed!


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