What Made Me Cry Today

Today was a difficult and tear-filled day...
However sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone and really open your eyes to some of the sad and terrible things that are going on in the world.

As most of you know, I have a huge love for animals but more specifically, for dogs.  For as long as I can remember, I have adored them but never was allowed to have one growing up because we travelled so much and my mom was allergic to dogs.  But that didn't stop me!  I believe I was the cause of tremendous worry for my grandmother, who recalls that as a small child I used to impulsively RUN up to any dog I'd see throwing my hands around its neck to give it a big hug, hahaha!  Thankfully, I never got bitten or even growled at...but I don't think that would have stopped me!  I used to donate half my pocket money to animal charities and when I was eight my friends and I used to have jumble sales and cake sales to raise money for animal shelters.  I like to think that even if it was only a little, it helped in some way or another :)

Fast forward 15 years and here I am at PAWS dog refuge centre in Mullinahone, blinking back tears as I look at all these sweet, abandoned furry faces and I realise I'm still very much the same person inside...my heart turns to absolute mush when I look at this:

And this:

I believe charity is a personal thing, and I certainly don't want to put pressure on anyone to donate to any particular charity but if you love dogs as much as I do, and if these pictures make you as sad as they do me, perhaps you'll consider PAWS this Christmas.  No donation is ever too small, just like my pocket money and jumble sales as a kid...it's always appreciated.  We visited the PAWS centre in Mullinahone today to properly educate ourselves about the charity and what it is they actually do for abandoned/unwanted dogs.  

Reasons I'm happy to donate to PAWS this Christmas:

1. They have a no kill policy.  
2. They walk and play with all dogs, every single day.
3. The cages are nothing luxurious...that's for sure!  But they have plenty of room, some are paired up, and they have both an indoor and outdoor area in each one.  

If you want more information on the charity or if you want to make a donation like me, you can check out their website here.



  1. I´m really impressed...I can´t say anything more..

  2. It's hard not to feel for these poor babies, look at them...they look desperate to have some affection and love from someone! I love animals but wasn't able to bring one home until last year. Since my puppy Muffin came into my life, I began seeing everything much more differently. It breaks my heart to know that people adopt all these animals only to later abandon and/or unfortunately abuse them :( It's good to know there are no-kill shelters as such where these cutie pies can continue living peacefully until someone brings them home. It's so sweet and thoughtful of you to make a donation for such a great cause!

  3. Oh Anna, these pictures and thinking of all those homeless creatures all over the world make me so sad! Animals are often meant to be less worth than human beings, so it's our responsibility to raise our voices for them.

    I love you so so much for using your name/your popularity to call peoples' attention to helping these dogs!

    <3 Katrin

  4. Anna, It's a beautiful what your doing :)

  5. It is so heartbreaking. Recently our poochie played Houdini and ran away (luckily she is chipped and someone found her and brought her home.) Before we found her though I checked the local shelter (unfortunately not a no kill shelter) and barely made it back to the car before I lost it. I think I sat in the parking lot a good 15 minutes just bawling my eyes out! It is so heart breaking to see how defeated some of those dogs look. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I definitely appreciate you bringing awareness to such a good cause!

  6. It's me again... The no killing policy just worries me... Does that mean, it is allowed to kill animals for no reason?! Just because nobody wants them?! That is horrible! Isn't there any law? In Germany it's strictly forbidden, even if animals are in shelters for years. What does NOT mean that cruelty to animals is not known here, unfortunately!


  7. The commercials with the animals being abused is so sad! Their expressions are so sad.

  8. love you for shining a spotlight on this!

  9. Poor little doggies! :( This was a sad post but definitely made me go and do something!

  10. That was brilliant post Anna it is crucial to highlight these terrible topics especially at Christmas when people get so carried away with gifts and presents ect.
    you have really made me think about whats important and whats not.
    great work :)

  11. I'm absolutely proud to say that my dog was a rescue dog. They can sometimes come with a lot of problems but 2 years later and I couldn't love her any more. Even though I never had her as a puppy seeing them start to act like playful happy dogs is way more of an accomplishment. Glad your bringing light to how many dogs are always abandoned :)

  12. I don't know how anyone can abandon a dog xx

  13. Thanks for helping this cause. I think that adopting a dog it's the best thing you can do for them, I have two dogs and they were rescued. I don't care if they have no sophisticated breed, they are beautiful and super intelligent. One of them is 12 years old and it's still very healthy and happy... I wish every dog could have what mine have, it's just so sad ):

  14. Wonderful post Anna! I´ve had the same experience a few months back...My dog was lost for 5 days and I went to many shelters like this looking for her, it broke my heart and I cried for both my lost dog and for these wonderful creatures. I managed to find it, but also adopted a new furry friend! I wish I could do more, take care of all of them...

  15. Thank you for all your wonderful heartfelt comments! I read every one of them :)

    @Katrin The no-kill policy means that PAWS do not put any of the dogs they take in to sleep, unless it's absolutely necessary like they're sick and a vet recommends them to. But even then, the owner was telling us they have saved dogs that vets had thought were done for and should be put down but they refused! Other shelters and rescue centres like these that don't have a no-kill policy will put a dog down after only 5 days if it isn't rehomed or claimed by the original owner :( Horrible, isn't it :( But PAWS absolutely will not do that...in fact some of those greyhounds we saw in the video had been there for 7,8,9 years! <3

  16. I'll be donating to the children's charities first! It makes me more sad to see children being abused...ISPCC :D


  17. I know what you mean. My heart breaks when I go past the one's in the pet stores from puppy mills :( Rugby is from a breeder but he is twice the size of a normal mini schnazuer so no one wanted him and he was still there when his mum had another litter and we heard about him and picked him up- now he's my little furball! I hope more people adopt these babies :)


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