A Whole Lot of MAC! (Plus November Favourites)

A few weeks ago I got an extremely generous present from one of my subscribers.  She works as a MAC make-up artist and sent a ton of amazing make-up to both me and my sister, Erika.  I was totally shocked and couldn't believe her generosity (you can see my reaction here!) but at first I had decided not to mention it at all on my blog or channel.  Then after using some of it in my recent videos and having been sent numerous requests to do a haul on what she gave me, I have finally given in.  I hope you don't take this the wrong way, like I'm bragging or showing off because that's not the case at all.  It was just requested so many times I couldn't ignore, and being that I didn't really buy any make-up at all this last month I thought it would be okay.  I won't be making a proper November Favourites post as I didn't purchase anything new or groundbreaking, however the first three products in this haul were the ones I used the most last month.  

So here's what my lovely subscriber sent me :)

MAC Mineralize Blush in Earth to Earth 

MAC Quads (L-R)
Photo Realism and Noteriety

Noteriety Quad Swatches (L-R)
Noteriety, Skintone 2, Rich & Earth, Skintone 1

Photo Realism Quad Swatches (L-R)
Photo Realism, Fresh Approach, Image Maker, Grey Range

Lancome Sensational Effects Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches (Neutrals L-R)
The New Black, Garment, Style Section, Optic

Swatches (Brights L-R)
The New Blue, Camisole, Drama

MAC Pigments (L-R)
Partylicious, If It Sparkles

Swatches without flash

Swatches with flash

MAC Glitter in Fuchsia 

MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base in Medium

MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Light, Medium and Medium Dark

MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker in Point of View
MAC Lipstick in Lazy Day 
(without flash and with flash)

Swatches (without and with flash)

She also sent me some Juicy Tubes and Dazzleglasses but I gave them to my sister Erika :)
Hope you enjoyed the haul, if you want me to do a more in-depth review of any of these products or maybe a tutorial using some of them just let me know!

Stay Stylish!


  1. I bought the Photo Realism quad when it came out... two summers ago? And I haven't quite been able to pull it off... Any way to do a day-time look using this quad that makes brown eyes pop? It would be great if you could give me pointers or do a tutorials♥


  2. Gorgeous stuff Anna! I would love a review on the MAC Studio Moisture Tint. I usually wear foundation but I've been wondering what tinted moisturizers would be like instead as my skin is really good (normal) and the only thing I'm trying to conceal is the redness on my cheeks. Would these be enough do you think? I would also love to see a tutorial using some of those dark blue eyeshadow as I think they would look good on brown eyes (opposed to the 80's blue eyeshadow). Thanks Anna!

  3. wow, that was really sweet of your subscriber to send you those! i would totally be smitten with all those goodies! i love the colors in the eye shadow palettes.

  4. thats one seriously generous subscriber! xx

  5. awh it was so nice that you gave some to erika :D

  6. I really love the notoriety palette!

  7. oh how lovely!there is nothing more wonderful than receiving packages!!

  8. Those palettes are so pretty. could you do a review on the mac skin tint particularly the lightest one, i'm pale and always find tinted moisturisers too orange so i'm curious about this one! :)

  9. Oh wow the MAC Glitter in Fuchsia looks stunning! I have Lazy Day and love it (=

  10. You are the best. My bday is tomorrow so what a nice surprise to see all the traffic you sent my way :)

    She sent such great stuff, but I remember your reaction haha. "I thought she only liked Jonathan." Still, she sent you great colors!

  11. You know what? that's really generous an sweet of your suscriber and you know you deserve it, because you make our days better with your tutorial, videos and vlogs.

  12. @candy apples I will do my best! ;)

    @Andreia Santos Yes, I will definitely do a review of the tinted moisturisers when I try them! And I used the dark blue shadow in my Purple Party make-up tutorial, it's great for making brown eyes pop!

    @Kinsey Michaels I know she was so generous I couldn't quite believe it when I received all of this!

    @Orla xx Yes, she is! :)

    @Anonymous Haha she was so happy but the package was actually addressed to both of us :)

    @Emily Me too! So easy to wear and pretty!

    @Autumnfound I agree :)

    @Karen Yes, I will do a review on them when I start using them!

    @Gaby Lazy Day is so pretty!

    @Rebecca Aww...happy birthday!! I hope you do a birthday post so I can say it officially :)

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  14. wow! that was extremely generous of her! But Im sure karma will work its magic and ensure she gets paid back in kind :)

    The pigments and lipstick look totally fantastic. Oh and I think the eyeshadows are pretty cute too!

  15. I love your choice of pink lip! I think it looks naturally flushed :)

  16. Wow! Lovely products! You are lucky!:)

  17. That blush is so beautiful!! Lucky you! :D

  18. November favs: http://lake-breeze.blogspot.com/2010/12/november-favorites.html


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