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These past few weeks I've made a few changes to my hair routine.  I actually made a switch to an all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free hair routine.  The brand I've been using is Shielo, a company which is based out of New York and prides itself on naturally based ingredients and is 100% against animal cruelty.  They also use post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging.  I had never tried anything like this on my hair before and I wondered if it really would make a difference.  I believe it has!

My hair feels healthy, soft and moisturised.  I don't feel like I need to load it with chemicals to make it look good and I firmly believe that my decision to go a few shades darker has also hugely benefited its health!  The first two products I tried were the Moisturising Shampoo and Vibrancy Conditioner from the Hydrate line.  My one gripe about these: the packaging.  I hate the bottle caps but I've said this before, it's just a personal preference!  I prefer to be able to properly squeeze the product out whereas this style of bottle cap makes that difficult!  Having said that, I loved both products.  At first I thought the 8 oz bottles were a little small but after using them for the first time, I understood why.  A little goes a very long way!  It doesn't take much of the shampoo to lather up a LOT of product.  The Hydrate line is designed for dry or damaged hair which is in need of extra moisture.  I definitely felt a difference in my hair and noticed that it felt and looked softer and more nourished afterward!  

After towel-drying my hair, I normally part it in two sections and spritz all over with the Leave-In Protectant, a detangling and UV protectant spray.  This actually impressed me a lot because normally I use a bajillion leave-in conditioners to get my extremely textured hair remotely tangle-free.  Once using this product, I found I was able to brush through much easier and without doing as much damage.  This comes from Shielo's Antioxidant line.

After I blow-dry and flat-iron my hair, I then apply some Bounce Style Creme from the Volume line.  I absolutely hate how my hair looks if it's totally flat, and I always feel that more volume at the roots looks better but I dislike the texture/residue of mousse.  This was perfect for giving my hair more bounce!  I simply took a tiny bit in the palms of my hands and worked it into the roots and all around the ends of my hair.

I'm definitely pleased with all of these products and it feels good to use them knowing that they are cruelty free and not harmful for my hair in anyway :)  If you'd like to watch my Wet to Dry video tutorial featuring Shielo products, click here!

What is your opinion on natural, cruelty free brands like these?

Stay Stylish!

DISCLAIMER: These products were kindly sent to me by Shielo for reviewing purposes.  I was not paid for my review, nor am I affiliated in anyway with the brand.  Honest opinion, as always ;)


  1. That's definitely worth looking into : D

  2. I saw your Youtube video! Your hair looks so pretty! :)

  3. Awesome!! I'm a vegan and always looking for 100% cruelty-free cosmetic brands. Thank you so much for your post, Anna! These products look promising.
    Btw your new haircolour suits you very well, you will be a beautiful bride!

  4. Are you going to switch to cruelty-free makeup too? What would you do without Rimmel?

  5. I shall look into this tooo!! Yay for Cruelty Free stuff!!

  6. I just recently did a post on this topic as well. Finding new cruelty products is always helpful, thanks :)

  7. I must say, I am loving your new hair color!!! It just looks so very healthy!

  8. i love any cruelty free, all natural products of any sort.. its been a goal of mine to buy as many of my every day products in cruelty free forms (make up, hair care, cleaning products, laundry and dish soaps, bathing products... etc) and so far so good =)


  9. I love the idea of cruelty free and always look for the little sign for them so it's nice to hear of another line range to check out. And yes, the hair is looking Gorgeous Anna!!

  10. Will definaly give that a try!
    Thanks Anna:)

  11. @Line Definitely :) I recommend it!

    @Shopperita Thank you so much :)

    @Becky Aww, thank you!

    @Bia Not right now, but it's definitely something I've thought about and wouldn't rule out!

    @Nida K Yay!

    @Kristy Alexandra Great post! And thank you so much for having my button on your blog! :)

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa Thank you!! <3

    @wiccakat19 Wow, that's amazing! Maybe one day I'll get there too :)

    @Rebecca Thank you so much :) <3

    @Paris Great! :)

  12. You finish products soo fast. Haha, although it'll mean more spending, I almost wish I could too! Just b/c I take forever to finish ANYTHING and get bored quick. Plus apparently hair benefits from changing products but who knows if it's a myth or fact?! :)

  13. Those hair products are good choices.


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