Update: My Room!

Today my birthday present from Jonathan finally made it onto the wall of my room!  Yay!  While rooting through our storage I found his hammer and nails which got used all of one time (to put up our Halloween wreath, haha) and he put it up today, which I had been anxious to do for the longest time, since I love it so much!  

Here are both angles of the picture.  Please keep in mind that my room is FAR from being fully decorated.  I'm still searching for the perfect curtains and want to get some more accessories.  But this is what it looks like at the moment. 

We also mounted this cute cupcake canvas I found months ago at Primark!
It looks a little sad on its own though...I definitely will need to find it a few friends.

And finally, here's what my windowsill looks like.  The first draft copy of my book and the cutest matching snow-globe which was actually a Christmas gift from a lovely subscriber, Mary who also makes YouTube videos.  Definitely check out her channel, she is so sweet and gives great tips!

Oh, and speaking of my book...want a sneaky sneaky peek preview of what the website where you can buy it looks like?  My fiancé and I have been working hard at designing this all day.  Click here to see!!!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Awww.....that cupcake looooks sooo cute!! I so want one hehehe. I just redecorated my room too. My old one looked like this : http://nkazalbash.blogspot.com/ , I'll be posting the new one in a day or too.. Love your blogs. I'm a new blogger hehehe... Have a look at mine :) x.x puppy love to Albi & Sina

  2. you look beautiful in the picture, so sweet as a present :D your book sounds amazing! i'm from the UK, where and when can i get it when it's finished? :) xo

  3. Ooooh I love it, and the lovely draft of your book...I just must get a copy and support you when it is out! :) So excited for you, Anna!!!

    Liesl :)

  4. Nice! Finally he did it! :P
    I like your messy bun in the first picture! :D

  5. It looks awesome Anna :-) My daughter really looks up to you. Her name is Katy and she is 16 and follows you as well. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. i'm so excited to get the book! i was going to wait and buy it from amazon bc i live in america but i'd also really like you and jonathan to sign my copy, would that even be possible? btw this is chicklebird from youtube and the blogtv chat, i realized i've been commenting on here and facebook at Pam and i didn't know if you knew that chicklebird and Pam are both me :)

  7. i love the website where you can buy the book! really good! :)

    and i love that you show us your room even if it is not finished and perfect yet :)

  8. Wow Anna your room is adorable!! :)
    Will your book be available also in Italy?

  9. That is such a lovely gift, those pictures of you are gorgeous!

  10. I love this gift, it's so sweet of Jonathan to do it and it looks amazing!!

  11. wow it looks so amazing (the website) but so does the beautiful picture Jonathan made that's finally on the wall. it looks incredible :) and love the cupcakes!

  12. So glad it's going to be available for download!


  13. That cute cup cake snow globe looks like its been personalied for your book! Was it? Anyway the birthday pressie you got is AWESOME!


  14. @Nida K Thank you! Wow, your room is amazing! And so much better finished than mine!! I love it, it looks so luxurious :)

    @jennie masters Hi Jennie! You can buy it online using Paypal, either hard copy or in ebook form :)

    @lake breeze Thanks! :)

    @Liesl Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it :)

    @Shopperita Thanks! Haha, that's how it looked when I got up that morning and I never even took it down/changed it!

    @MomsCareer That is so sweet and lovely to hear! Thank you!

    @Pam Hi Pam aka chicklebird! I'm sure we can work something out :)

    @Kristin Thank you! Yeah, I'd like to be able to look back and compare all the pictures when it's finally finished!

    @Marta Yes! It's available to everybody :)

    @Kristy Thank you so much :)

    @Claire Thank you!

    @Rebecca Thanks so much Rebecca...yeah I seem to unintentionally have a cupcake theme going on in my room...hahaha!

    @Courtney Yay! :) Hope it suits you better!

    @Paris K Thank you! No it wasn't, pure coincidence! It's so cute! <3

  15. What a great gift!

    The room looks lovely!


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