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What's in my purse posts are always fun, because whether we like to admit it or not...there's something strangely intriguing about knowing the contents of other women's purses.  Why, I have no idea!  I guess we're all nosy!  The first time I ever found the beauty community on YouTube was by watching what's in my purse videos.  I made one back in March of last year (click here to watch) and I thought I'd make an updated one...this time featuring my black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS!  (Buy it here.)

Here are the contents of my bag!

My studded knit Alice Hannah gloves 
2 pens
A pink teasing comb
2 passports (American and Irish)
My Liz Claiborne black patent wallet (bought 2 years ago at TK Maxx)
My 1920s Vogue diary
2 elastic hair-ties
Set of keys with doggy key-cap from Paperchase, Accessorize keychain and Wizard of Oz keychain from Past Times
Pink digital camera (a fujifilm jx200)
Little yellow shopping bag that you can scrunch into itself and looks like a bee...hahaha! 
My iPhone 3GS with a pink cover from Paperchase
 Davis accent nude pink lipliner
The Body Shop coral lipgloss (not sure of the name)
Maybelline Watershine gloss in Baby Pink
 Avon Hollywood Lights lipgloss in Celebrity Pink
4 Rimmel Lipsticks (2 Summer Angel, 1 Airy Fairy, 1 Glam)
FYF Cosmetics Natalie lipstick
3 black kohl eyeliners (Sephora, Barry M and Rimmel...hahaha!  A girl needs options!)
Made From Earth vanilla lip balm
The Body Shop Hand Moisturiser
Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer
 A Maltese nail file
Compact (Benefit's Get Even blotting powder)
1 month's supply of Yasminelle (birth control pill)

I actually can't believe how much lipstick/lipgloss and black eyeliner I carry around with me!  I think I might have a problem...

So, what's in YOUR purse?  I'm tagging anybody who follows/reads my blog to do this.  Let me know if you do!  

Oh, and I totally hitched a ride with Hello Kitty yesterday...watch the video here!

Stay Stylish!


  1. I have the same purse. Love it! Use it every day!

  2. ohhh what a fun tag! I was just thinking of doing a blog post on "what's in my bag", so thanks for tagging ;)

    And, thanks for letting us peek inside your bag :) hehe I'm a nosy one too :))

  3. :) I've been needing a good blog idea! YAY! I think I'll make this post either tonight or tomorrow!

  4. my handbag contains:
    Wallet (with very little money LOL)
    Keys for work
    Keys for house, which usually has my car key on it, but its in for repair :(
    Blistex moisturising lip balsm
    Pink note pad
    Black gloves
    2 x Pens
    pack of tissues
    and a little shopping bag which like yours also scrunches up!

    I love your black leather bag!! :)

  5. LOL...wonderful purse content..I did a similar post in December ;-)))


  6. Dang girl, you do have a lot of lip/eye products that you carry with you haha. I only take Fresh Sugar Lip Palm and YSL Lipstick with me. I don't have any mascara or eyeliner in my purse. I also have my gigantic wallet that ways like 10 pounds (really need to clean that out), hair brush, phone, camera, pen, and loose change!

  7. Hi Anna, Love the post. Liked it so much I made a post myself. Check it out ...


  8. Fun post! I really guess every girls quite noisy to want to know what's in other peoples' bags!


  9. haha, as I was reading the contents and it kept saying "Lip gloss" "lipstick" I was like what is wrong with Anna, haha, it's so funny what we discover when we pull the contents of our bags out :)

  10. u even showed your birth control pills :)) good for u , u're the first guru that did that i guess

  11. Hi Anna!! These are the junks found inside my bag.
    5.makeup bag with the whole makeup stuffs in it(2 lippies,1 lipbalm,2 mascaras,2eyeliner pencil,1 liquid eyeliner,2blusher,loose powder)
    6.tissue paper

    Your fan from Singapore!

  12. Wow...you carry more stuff in your bag than I do! All I carry is my wallet, check book, and my lipgloss/lipstick for the day! LOL

  13. Will you still carry as many eye and lip products after realizing that? Oh and why do you carry your passports and Yasminelle in your purse?

  14. Lets see...

    ♡ Emanuel wallet
    ♡ pink cell phone
    ♡ USB
    ♡ hand sanitizer
    ♡ dark brown eye liner
    ♡ digital camera
    ♡ Parker fountain pen
    ♡ and more, thanks for tagging! will be doing a post on that soon!

    love your blog and vlogs:)
    xoxo from New Zealand!


  15. ahhh! thank you so so much for your sweet comment! I found my name on your blogroll a while back and that made me soo happy! i found your youtube channel via hrhcollection and have been watching lots of videos :) LOVE them all!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  16. Oh man! I never carry my passport around--I'm afraid it'll be stolen. Apparently in the US, it's the worst thing to have stolen when it comes to identity theft. Is it quite common to carry your passport everyday in Europe?


  17. I have discovered your blog and YouTube channel and I love them. I use to be so stylish then I had a baby and got married and then had another baby; turned 31. My Dh is giving me a nice sum of $$ to buy new clothes and get myself back in style. I have used your blog and videos to research and plan what I am going to do with this money. Your very informative and I enjoy learning all you know. I plan on documenting my "Make Over" for YouTube.

    In my purse I carry my
    various lotions and hand sanatizer
    Boogie wipes
    baby wipes
    diapers (nappies)
    extra pair of baby socks
    my calender (I am very forgetful)
    my iPhone
    a pen

    I have no style at the moment but by March I hope to be 100xs better. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation.


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