Win A Signed Copy of My Book!

Sorry to inundate you with posts about my book...I promise this will be the last one for a while!  I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm giving away three signed copies of my book.  All you have to do is be a follower of my blog (the follow button is over there to the left ;) subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment on THIS video, telling me why you think you should win.  That's it!

Winners will be announced in about 2-3 weeks.  The contest is open internationally so no matter where you live I will ship it to you!  And I will even try and get Albi and Sina to sign it for you if you want...hahaha!

Stay Stylish!


  1. I'd love to win your book because I think I could larn lots of tips from you in style, self-esteem, etc. 2011 is an exciting year forme because I'm trying to get over personal and professional failure, have a better self image and have fun with my looks!

  2. Hi Anna I can't wait to read your book. I'm Andrea and I'm from the Philippines I'm a huge fan!! I've been following you on youtube, twitter, and facebook. Please let me win this contest because I totally understand what you went through with body image and I'm sort of struggling with mine as well but thanks to a lot of Vloggers including you, I believe I changed the way I think about myself. please oh please let me win!! :) thanks for this contest stay awesome! :)

  3. Hi Anna,
    In frustration of my lack of knowledge on makeup application and the proper clothes to wear for my body type I stumbled across your videos, and was immediately hooked! You have a way of speaking to your listeners that doesn't make us feel silly for not knowing the things you know. I'm 27, gulp... I know, but have learned so much, my mother has never really been into makeup or styling clothes but even she has enjoyed watching your videos :) I would love to own a copy of your book because I feel I still have so much to learn, as does my mother, lol.
    Your fan,

  4. like i said on the video..i would love to win a signed copy;) it wouldnt be the same without it :) keep up the good work anna!

  5. Hey Anna - an ardent fan of ur style ive been following u here nad on youtube for a while now..
    will get to learn sooo much from u...
    hope I win...

  6. Hi, yours is the very first e-book I've ever purchased (I was too impatient to wait for the shipment...) I already really like it and am enjoying reading it with my cat!

    Congratulations and best wishes!


  7. Hi, i've been reading your blog for a while and watching your videos and i've learned loads of useful tips from you and it would be great to read the book since it contains more detailed information.

  8. hi anna,

    This is Joanne from Philippines. From the moment I watched your video in YouTube(Jan. 27, 2011), I must admit I got so hooked! I really admire you a lot for you have uber great style, cool personality, beautiful & I am sensing that your beauty is not just on the outside but inside as well for you are generous enough to even share your knowledge/talent in terms of fashion, beauty, health & most importantly in helping people like me to enhance what God has been given me & have overall make-over so as to uplift my self-esteem & be a better person. I really admire your talent/skill in explaining things because, you make it so simple to understand. Having said those, I followed u on youtube, twitter, facebook & even up to here! Not to mention I even shared your videos to my family & close friends because, I really, really learn so much from you & so I want to share it to with my love ones. You are such an inspiration! & best of everything to you & your fiance(jonathan).And oh! please I would LOVE to have your book especially it has your signature!! lol.. Thanks in advance! =)

  9. hello A!

    i have been watching your videos on youtube for quite a while now and i admire your confidence! i wish i had an older sister like you that would remind me daily that i look good and i should be happy no matter what. i do realize that putting my self own is stupid, but i can't help it. i just hate the way i look! i know i could lose a lot of weight, but i am never motivated enough. i tried making a blog like you, taking pictures of my outfits, but i still hate the way i look. i am soon turning 16, i have been uncomfortable with the way i look for about 6 years already. i really need something to motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle and to just to be happy. in future i want to be like you- telling other girls how o be happy and them have me as inspiration. i think making a difference for at least one girl would make me so happy! when i grow up i want to be a fashion journalist, if that works out i will make sure to make girls and boys around the world to feel happy about themselves! but how can i do it if i am not happy with myself? you just seem so perfect! the perfect job, dog, wedding with the guy you truly love.. ahh i want all of that!! so jealous :D except the dog. i'm a cat person :D

  10. Dalinda Balbuena29 January 2011 at 20:20

    Hello Anna!
    I really, REALLY want to win this contest because i'm sure you put all your effort to make your dream come true and share everything (god and also bad things)you've learned so far in your life, and I would be very happy if you let me be part of your hard work, and with a little faith this message will reach more people.

    I'm from Mexico and i'm a totally fan of your channel, and if I win I promise to share your book and that way so more people benefit from it.

    Ps. It will be SO great if Alby and Sina can sign it too.

    Love, Dalinda.

  11. i would love to win a signed copy

  12. Hello Anna! You are one of the prettiest girls ever! I wait in baited breath to hear from you. I enjoy your videos and blog and bolgtv and i would really enjoy your book!

    I would make the most of your book, i'm 15 i have very little confidence, I am pathetic at putting on make up, i have some acne and make up always tends to look cakey and i feel like a clown when i wear blusher. I love dressing up and going out though its a nightmare when i go shopping i never know what to wear arghh i need your help.Getting this book would be like winning the lottery!xxx

    Hopefully i'll be hearing the good news from you soon. My fingers are crossed!

    wishing you all the best
    Emma :)

  13. I'm so excited for your book! I've entered the contest and done all three =) *crossing my fingers!*

    <3 <3 <3

  14. I adore you, Anna!!! I find you so inspiring and cheerful...and every new post or video gets me smiling and motivated to have a productive, stylish day <3 I used to struggle with self-esteem issues and body image issues...then along came your vlogs! I am so grateful for everything you put out there and stand for, your book would be treasured and passed around to all my friends and family!!!! xoxoxo!!!

  15. Hey Anna, Albi and Sina :)

    my name is laura and i´m from germany. i´m watching your videos for such a long time and they are such a big help for me, so i would really like to read your book to get some tips of you, because i really find your tips helpful. furthermore it would be such an honour to me if you and maybe even albi and sina would sign this book for me. i would be the happiest person.
    thank you so much in advance :)

    Best regards
    xoxo Laura

  16. i would like to win a copy of your book because i absolutely cherish every piece of advice you give and i never miss a video or blog post by you. Alison xoxxox

  17. Hiii, I'm from a little island in the Caribbean. I love ur blog and you-tube vids and your style! I would love to win the books, cuz I think I relate to a lot of things similar, and it has just been intriguing me! I hope I win, thanks for this great opportunity especially for us international ones who don't get a chance so easily.

  18. Hi Anna,

    My name's Sophia - I'm following your blog and I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel under 'stylebysophia.' I would like to win a copy of your book because I have four younger sisters, aged between 10 and 17, and I feel like your book will benefit their self-esteem as they grow up in this world, just like your blogs have benefited me. Thank you.



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