January Fashion Favourites

Instead of doing monthly beauty favourites, I thought I'd share some of my monthly fashion favourites instead.  This could be individual items, accessories or whole outfits.  The main reason behind doing this is because I don't really feel passionate enough about so many beauty products to make a video every single month...when usually, they're actually the same.  I can't say I'm very adventurous when it comes to beauty or makeup so it was beginning to feel a little stale.  

Last month my most obvious fashion favourite was...my black suede boots from ASOS!  They actually ended up being featured in all three of my outfits of the day from that month, hahaha!  I must really love them a lot :)  They're such a classic pair to have in your wardrobe and they go with almost everything.

January Outfit #1.
You can find the original post here, but I wore variations of this look a lot all month.  The jeans are from Zara, the angora sweater is from InWear and the trench coat is by Sisley.  The bag is also from ASOS.  I've always loved black and tan together and I think the angora sweater makes any outfit look more expensive...even when it's not! ;)

January Outfit #2
You can view the original outfit post here.  This time I have the boots paired up with some footless tights and brown corduroy shorts high-waisted shorts from Zara.  A good trick for wearing tights in the winter is to wear them with boots...that way you can hide an extra pair of socks underneath and no-one will ever know!  I'm wearing this with a basic grey v-neck also from Zara, a brown pashmina which was a gift and a grey blazer from ASOS.

January Outfit #3 
This one was so simple and basic but a lot of you saw it in one of the daily vlogs and asked me to feature it.  (View the original post here.)  I am wearing my dark wash skinny jeans by Miss Anna, a stripy Gap top and a navy blue cardigan from Wallis.  I had paired this up with my black biker jacket from Bershka but my little sister Erika is borrowing it at the moment so I couldn't feature it here, sorry!

Let me know which outfit you liked best!  And what were your January fashion favourites?

Stay Stylish!


  1. That is a very good idea if you are more into fashion (which we know you are). :)
    I love the third outfit. Is so simple but still chic. :)

  2. i love outfit #3 !!! simple but very pretty :)


  4. I like the third outfit the best! Hmm, in January my favorite was a heavy wool coat. brr

  5. I love the third outfit so much! Really like the GAP stripey top, so simple but really lovely! xo

  6. Hej Anna, I love all outfits as I am a basics kind of girl when it comes to fashion. I wish I had a trench coat, though. I think they´re so pretty and flatters everyone. Thanks for posting!

  7. First choice would be the maritime outfit (#3). It suits you so well, Anna!!!
    Of course the other, too. But I love stripes and navy blue :-)

    BTW: I really appreciated your decision regarding an Fashion Favorites-Post. Good choice!!! :-)

  8. Love the idea of this post! The last outfit is my absolute favourite! :D

    Love Ellen

  9. Love all the outfits, but my favorite has to be the third look. I love stripes and it's a look I wear often.

  10. I like the fact that you mix browns and grey!


  11. Your outfits are so stylish and wearable...love them all!

    Liesl :)

  12. Il terzo mi piace da morire! The third one is my favourite! You're really chic. Ciao!

  13. you are very beautyful and i love your outfits! ;)

  14. The 3rd outfit is my fav!! I've been loving my leather jacket this month and the color brown on me, don't know why :P

  15. They all look amazing on you but I love the the first one!<3

  16. I just love the palette you dress in, my fav :)


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