FASHION BASICS: Tops for Your Shape!


Today I decided to make another body shape series, this time with the focus on specific items of clothing.  I think this might be easier for some people, especially those who either aren't sure which body shape category they fall into or are just a mixture of two!  This time I'm focusing on tops.  Here are my tips for the different styles that exist! 

Saint Tropez

The Empire-Line Shirt
Works best on: Pear shapes and boyish shapes (makes the bust look bigger)
Looks worst on: Apple shapes (it can make them look pregnant!)


The Grecian Straps
Works best on: Full-figure, hourglass and apple shapes 


The Racer Back and/or Halter Neck
Works best on: Athletic shapes and apple shapes

Saint Tropez

The High Neck
Works best on: Pear shapes and boyish shapes
Looks worst on: Full-figure, hourglass and apple shapes


The Basic Tank
Looks great on: Every shape! :)  It just depends on how you style it!


The Layered Shirt
Works best on: Full-figures, hourglass shapes and apple shapes


The Waterfall Cardigan
Works best on: Apple shapes (it elongates the body) and also petite girls

Dunnes Stores

The Boyfriend Cardigan
Works best on: Apple shapes (same as above)


The V-neck
Works best on: Apple, hourglass shapes and full-figures
Looks worst on: Athletic shapes

I hope you found this post helpful!  Let me know what item you want me to focus on next! :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Great tips! I myself am hour glass shaped and feel most comfortable with v-necks with a tank underneath. I think they give my body more shape. At all costs, I usually avoid empire waistline shirts because they give the preggers look. I prefer wrap tops that have a V and accentuate my natural waist.


  2. you know what? I am loving that shade of rose next to you in the first picture

  3. You are always so full of fun knowledge and helpful fashion it! Off to watch the video now! :)

    Liesl :)

  4. Love these posts, thanks for all the tips.
    The video was great as always, I think your fashion videos are some of my favorites...although I watch most any video you make. :)

    I used to think I was a pear shape, but I took my measurements and it looks like I am an hourglass. So it is great to see some tips for that. Thanks!

  5. such a great post anna!
    i love how you have included pieces that work on the entire body shape (ie. waterfall) and not just top :-)

    thanks for the tips as always!

    <3 megan

  6. Great tips! I think too that hourglass can wear the two cardigans above if they belt it at the waist! :)

  7. Such good advice and that boyfriend cardigan is beyond amazing. I would be living in that!

  8. The dotted top is perfect, material, shape and pattern! :) Love it.


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