Haters Gonna Hate!

18 March 2011

Jeans - Zara, Boots - ASOS, Bag - Chloe, Top - Esprit, Scarf - Esprit, Earrings - Accessorize

Whatever you do in life, haters are always gonna hate.  What is a "hater"?  Usually someone who leads a very miserable and sad life, dedicating their days to putting others down and obsessing over the details of their lives, to try and make themselves feel better about their own problems and insecurities.  A hater/bully...whatever you want to call it, is normally someone who has been hated on or bullied or put down themselves.  If you are being bullied or if someone in your life is trying to hurt you with cruel words or nasty comments about your appearance/personality/life choices, the best thing to do is to completely ignore it and instead focus on YOU.  Because if you can be the best, most confident you...then nothing or no-one else will bring you down.  Being confident with yourself means not worrying about what anybody else thinks.  Being confident also means not being afraid to do what you think it right FOR YOU.  I'm not talking about being cocky, or selfish.  I'm talking about loving yourself and being your own best friend.  If your best friend was being bullied, and you knew she was absolutely beautiful inside and out, what would you tell her?  Ignore them.  And that's what you should tell yourself.

Feel bad for your haters...they are intimidated by you.  Today some girl with a name too rude to mention, tweeted me this: 

"I just discovered my favourite Irish f*ck up @AnnaSaccone also has a blog http://www.annasaccone.com"  

Hahaha!  So then one of my lovely Twitter followers alerts me to the fact that this person has written blog posts about me.  What!?  NO!!  If you really hate me, DON'T DO THAT!!  Don't bring attention to my blog or YouTube channel...because that's how I make a living!  You are essentially paying my bills!!  And that's definitely not a good move.  If you really want to do some damage, don't mention me at all!  But in any case, thank you for caring so much about me that you give me free publicity and draw more viewers and readers to my blog and channel.  :)  You are the very reason why I continue to blog/make videos on a very regular basis! <3

If you are experiencing negative people in your life, just laugh it off, ignore it or say "thank you, for caring so much about me :)"  When life gives you lemons...squirt them in your haters' eyes!  Hehehe...I'm just kidding, don't do that.  You might get arrested or something.  

On a totally unrelated note, I got my wedding invitations today!!!  They are perfect...absolutely beautiful.  The most beautiful invitations I've ever seen :)  I am beyond happy with them!  It was Jonathan's idea to ask one of our subscribers, Natalie to hand-make them and what a brilliant idea that was.  She is one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I honestly don't know how she did it...they are exquisite!  I will save them for a separate blog post, because I think they deserve that :)  But thank you, Natalie for doing such an amazing job!

Stay Stylish!


  1. OMG I cannot believe someone would actually go to the extent of hating you?!?! Like you said, its best to IGNORE & ALL publicity is GOOD publicity heheh!!!

    You look so stunnning in the pictures, loving your outfit ANNA! Will wait to see the post on your wedding cards, I remember Jofus showing a card made by Natalie in one of your Vlogs.

    Happy weekend x.x.x

  2. The best part was about being arrested, ha ha! But seriously, the more I read these kind of positive posts, the more I believe in these words. I think the haters are absolutely everywhere, around the world. And you're right, the best way is just to laugh or show them...nothing! I mean, show them that you really didn't take it personally, that you're ok, not sad or anything. Let's stick with that.

    And I'm really excited about your invitations! I have to work on mine :D

  3. Why are people so nasty?!
    We all need to be reminded to let the negative things slide...Thanks! :)

  4. I sooo agree with you Anna, all of it, but the part where you talk about bringing attention to your Blog/Vlog etc. I mean DUH... Free publicity!, How stupid are these people! LOL, Love ya!

  5. Girl, I love how you approach things! So mature and lovely :) Whether you mean to or not, you're setting a great example for all the girls that follow you! Stay classy.

  6. Anna, thanks to you I'm beginning to appreciate myself. I've never had a "hater" who briught me down, but i guess in the past I was my own hater, because everything I did or anyway I looked, I always said myself that it wasn't enough and that I could never ever been the person I would like to be. I'm not a negative person, but the fact is that I'm very insicure about myself. However I improved lately thanks to your positiveness and your beautiful messages :)

    Sorry if my english isn't perfect, but thank you anyway :)

    ps. how can anyone hate you????????

    Un bacio :)

  7. i bet this person secretly admires you ;)

  8. I love this post, sometimes I can't handle all the hate I get :( well said xx

  9. Love you Anna :)! Hope all is going well with the build up to the wedding!xxx

  10. Very well said Anna - It all boils down to jealousy in the end! Its so great to see you keep your chin up. Haters should watch their back because Karma is just around the corner xx

  11. Nice answer to such nasty behaviour :))

  12. I saw your tweet back to the person few hours ago saying thank you or something of that sort and I actually clicked on their name to see what they were all about! I think they have a whole blog about all the bloggers/youtubers/people they hate, right? That tweet and the blog are sad and funny at the same time! Sad because what a miserable life that person must be living that they felt the need to create a blog hating on people, funny because they have nothing better/productive to do with their life! Wow...people like this make me feel so blessed, fortunate and lucky that I have no hateful feelings towards anybody and that's why I am a happy person! How does a person like that even live, how do they go to bed at night peacefully, seriously?! I'm glad you don't let these things get to you Anna, you're great at what you do and have thousands of people who care about what you have to say and at the end of the day that's all that matters...happiness! :)

  13. Well said Anna if they hate so much why do they even follow HELLO!!!!!

    Cant wait to see your invites :)

  14. I am happy to hear you try not to let these people get you down. We all have days where it seems the slightest thing can set us off and we don't want to go out and face the world. I can see how these things could totally get you down in a weak state. But you should know (and I think you do) that you inspire so many people. You are following your calling and being true to yourself girl. Let those haters hate. You keep on succeeding. =) Have a good Friday Anna.
    -Just another one of your 1,000's of fans lol

  15. I think it is so funny that them haters take time to be saying those stupid things to Anna ! Like for real grow up ! Its not like Anna Cares about those haters and affect her ! Anna You Are AMAZING ! <3!

  16. A week or so ago I stumbled over a site called guru gossipping or something along the lines of that. Basically I couldn't believe my eyes, that there are entire forums with sub-forums about certain people full of threads about why you hate them.. wtf?! Seriously, I couldn't believe it. Have you seen this site / these sites before? Ugh, if not, don't look it up.

    It's sad how hate is everywhere, and I what I find worst is this.. you know, this effect that you wanna squirt the lemons in their eyes now, that we get angry and think this nasty stuff we actually want to keep out of our mind. And as you say, the haters are so often abused people themselves, now abusing others. How dumb, isnt it? It seems to be a massive vicious cycle we can only try to avoid, and share some friendliness instead.



  18. you have exactly the right view on haters, i would worry about how you'd take it, but reading this, you seem to let it go over the head which is the perfect thing to do! i also love the chloe paddington <3 xxx

  19. I love the lemons commet, so true. I may have to use that one, one day.

    You have a good view on haters and handle it well. Can't see why someone would hate you though, only out of spite, jealous and sheer madness.

    Looking gorgeous as always Anna. Can you please have a bad day, just once? Only joking! x

  20. People think they're doing something novel with these blogs that mock fashion and beauty bloggers/vloggers/Youtube-rs (there needs to be a better term for that, it sounds odd!). It'll fizzle out in a month, I'd put money on that.


  21. I never understood why people subscribe to someone only to talk smack about them. Why do they even subscribe to you then?!?! That just makes them look stupid! But this reaffirms your statement about haters being jealous. They can't stop watching you or following you because they love the videos and how beautiful you are so what do they do to make themselves feel better? Put you down. It's a downward spiral and these people will never love themselves if they seek out self-confidence by trying to sabotage other, more successful people.

  22. I really like your blog and your Youtube channel , I watch every video that you make ! And I'm crazy about your classic , chic style , and your personnality ! So I can't believe that some people hate you that much it's unbelievable ! But , I like you even if I don't know you personnaly , so keep doing what you're the best in ! And Thank You Very Much for your amazing job <3 :D

  23. "When life gives you lemons...squirt them in your haters' eyes!" haha Anna, you're too funny :)

  24. Just ignore haters! They are losers!!
    You are a lovely woman and you help so many people! So focus on that! :)

    P.S. I loooove your outfit!

  25. brilliant post :) honestly can't believe some of these people but you kept your dignity and didnt sink down to their level, youre a great role model to young women xx

  26. "When life gives you lemons...squirt them in your haters' eyes".
    Loool, you're sooo funny!:)))))

    And I totally agree with you!

    Kisses, Anna!:*

  27. You are so right! You realy are a beautiful person. Thank you for this post. I am starting my blog and my youtube channel and this post was so helpfull to me. Thank you and have a grate day!

  28. Hi Anna,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you have to deal with haters. I think you're amazing! I love your blog, channels and how you dedicate time to answering your fans questions! How anyone could hate you astounds me!

    I just wanted to say that as a final year psychology student I find the amount of hatred being demonstrated online very concerning.

    I think anyone who wastes their energy on watching videos and reading blogs of people they don't like AND then dedicating more time to hating it, is VERY unhealthy.

    Like you say this is sad and I think these people should actually be seeking out professional help.

    If these people dedicated the time spent 'hating' to addressing their personal issues professionally, they could in fact turn their own lives around, be happier and do something more productive and positive with their lives.

    Please keep doing what you do best! Thousands of people adore you :)


  29. I don't know how anyone could write bad things about you. Sure, no one is perfect, but I think you are pretty, very stylish, and humble. And I think those are very admirable traits in a person! I, for one, really enjoy your channel and your blog. Keep up the great work :)))

  30. I don't know how anyone could write bad things about you. Sure, no one is perfect, but I think you are pretty, very stylish, and humble. And I think those are very admirable traits in a person! I, for one, really enjoy your channel and your blog. Keep up the great work :)))

  31. Thank you so much for such a lovely post!

    I personally wish I had the confidence to digest this information a few years ago before I let everyone's harsh opinion's of my lead to my various eating issues and painful--and horribly pathetic--self-hate.

    It took all that to see who I am but sadly some girls need to go on that tough journey.

    PS--you look stunningly chic as usual!!

  32. I'm so shocked at that blog and twitter account, I can't believe that someone would actually SPEND TIME creating that nasty and bitter stuff. It's so sad that all the girls that this person has 'blogged' about have been publicly ridiculed simply for doing something so innocent, and above all something that they and others clearly enjoy.

    I'm really glad you wrote this post, it will definitely encourage girls who have experienced such internet bullying to ignore it and carry on doing what they enjoy. The sad thing is that this person will see all the sudden traffic being driven to their blog as a victory - that their blog's suddenly become 'popular'. People like that are so small minded they won't even notice any comments criticising what they're doing or supporting the girls they've been slagging off... it's as if they're trying start the next big popular website, like latfh.com. Pathetic.

    Anyway carry on being you Anna! I'll always read your posts and watch your vids!

    Charlotte x


  33. Hi Anna,

    I live in Australia and I have just started following your blog and youtube channel!

    I think one of the reasons you are so inspiring to watch is because you are so pure and wholesome! You come across as such a geniune and pleasant person which I feel there is a shortage of in this world. It is so refreshing to see that you are an inspiration to many young women. You are confident, beautiful and good-hearted! Your happiness is contagious. It is only ignorant people who will bring you down and it is so good that you respond with a smile because that is the last thing that they want!

    You are amazing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I wish you all the success in the world!

    PS - Your sense of fashion is so elegant, chic and classic! I think all women are able to appreciate your personal style because it is timeless!

    Your the best!

    Regards, from your # 1 fan in Australia!


  34. Well said, Anna! Haters are going to hate and although I have never been able to understand it, you are so right...you have to just ignore it. On a happier note, "Woo Hoo" for getting your wedding invitations out...I know that takes time! :) I hope you and Jonathan are having a lovely weekend and let me just say...I love your outfit, especially your tote bag!

    Liesl :)

  35. i just wish you lived near me, so you can help me with the hating!but you aren't.. :(

  36. I absolutely support your view on this, Anna. Like my mum said, we cannot please everyone and if somebody puts you down, walk on with your head up high :)
    Keep up the good work!

  37. You're so right Anna, that hater must be very insecure with themselves if they need to TRY to bring someone else down to make themselves feel good.
    I know you wont let some jealous hater bring you down. Why should you?, You're a truly beautiful person both inside and out and you have how many subscribers again? Thats right, 46,729!! That hater is just jealous of how successful and happy you are.
    xxx an Irish blogreader/subscriber xxx

  38. Great post, Anna!!! I completely agree with all what you've said...well.. wrote actually :-) The only reason why online haters write to you all these disgusting comments is because they just simply jealous!

  39. Awesome post Anna! There are too many instances of bullying happening today and this is really good advise. Here's to everyone staying positive!

  40. The fact that this person even follows you on twitter and watches your youtube videos pretty much says it all....if they actually hated you I really believe they would just ignore you. She's clearly jealous or secretly does like you!!!

    I'm so happy you don't let the haters get to you!!! You have so much going for you!!!!

  41. Haters are just insecure and little people..
    You look gorgeous on those pics <3

  42. holy crap someone took the time to write that about you?!! i don't know how you take it all but you're kinda my hero because you're so awesome and the opposite of a f*ck up.

    p.s. you look great. love those colors on you!

  43. love the way you cope with haters! very good post :)

    xoxo Saskia


  44. Well said Anna! I cannot believe someone would do that to you! You seem like the sweetest girl on the planet! They are probably just jealous of all the success and love you have in your life!

  45. Hi Anna! Wow... you too huh? My niece is a really famous blogger. She has had death threats. Wishing her and her new born baby would die. Making up complete lies. They have gone as far as creating facebook pages and websites hating her and saying she must be stopped. People are so mean. It is exactly what you say though....hurting people hurt other people. I am sorry it is happening and has happened to you. I think you are wonderful and love your site! If I ever come to Ireland want to take me shopping? just kidding....take care darlin'!
    XO Carrie


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