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Yesterday I told you guys my story about Hickey's...well aside from handing out makeup advice like nobody's business I actually had gone there with a purpose!  (For those of you that don't know, Hickey's is a fabric shop :)  In my last decor post, I mentioned that I had gotten some curtains for my room.  The only problem is that our apartment didn't come with any hooks to pin back the curtains and my room tends to be quite dark so I wanted to maximise the window space!  I came up with the idea of tying ribbon around the curtains for a girly feel and I went with pink chiffon to bring out the other pink accents in the room.  I think it worked out pretty well!  I was quite proud of myself being that usually my creativity doesn't stretch that far...and I'll be the first to admit it!  

And the best part about this idea?  It's super affordable ;)  The ribbon only cost me about €2!  If you don't have curtain hooks in your bedroom maybe this will inspire you!

My window as it looks right now...oh and no I have STILL not hung my frame yet :-/  I'm so lazy!

I also picked up a new lamp in Hickey's as they were half off!  This one is a dark pink, and I got the smaller size.  I was very happy to change my lamp as the one I had before was came with the apartment which, to be fair to our landlord, is actually furnished very well overall but there are a few odd pieces here and there like the old gaudy gold lamp and a random velveteen rocking chair in Jonathan's yeah.

And since we're on the topic of decor, say hello to my new pink orchid!  This is my newest "victim", as my friend Charlotte would her I seem to have a wonderful talent for killing any plant that finds its way into my home...the only plant I have ever managed NOT to murder is our one stubborn little cactus whom we bought for the grand total of 50p in Bournemouth.  That trusty cactus has been with my fiancĂ© and me a very long time...even longer than our two babies Albi and Sina!  I almost consider it to be our first child...okay not really.  But it feels like it's part of the family.  Now it sits on the windowsill and occasionally gets nibbled on by Sina when I'm not looking (needless to say it's not a prickly cactus...hahaha!).

I really hope I don't kill this pretty orchid though.  It's too beautiful to die :(  But the first (and only) orchid I ever had didn't last very long so I don't have high hopes for this one...any tips on how not to murder your plants would be much appreciated!

I also bought this Simply Home Yankee Candle in no other than "Vanilla Frosting".  I always have to burn candles that smell like dessert, it tricks all my neighbours into thinking that I'm a domesticated woman who bakes a lot of cakes.  Hehehe...

Both the candle and orchid are from B&Q.

And now a few more snaps just to show you what a beautiful day it was :)  Here are 3 more of my victims who are miraculously still alive.

Albi and Sina enjoying the sunshine!  They love when the back door is left open so they can sit on the step and look out :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. So lovely! The orchid is amazing!

  2. It all looks really pretty - love the pinkyness of the room <3 I have many orchids and what worked best for them so far was letting them soak for 15 to 30 minutes in a bowl of water once a week and not watering them like normal plants at all. With this you shouldnt be able to kill the pretty plant ;)
    Have a nice evening! XOXO

  3. Using a ribbon as a curtain tie is so simple - brilliant. Wouldn't of even crossed my mind to do this!! Love the way u have the 2 puppies kissing on the kitchen table!!
    Laura xo

  4. The pink ribbon is so cute!! I have a few orchids, and they need a lot of light, but shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight :) I love orchids, they're so pretty and delicate...

  5. The orchid is beautiful and I think it gives a touch of elegance in every house... I love the way you are decorating tour makeup room! :)
    Un grosso bacio :*

  6. so pretty!! love all the pink!! xox

  7. OMG OMG! Totally love your beauty corner!! <3<3<3 on the table is that dumb blonde from Bed Head? I have that too although I am not blonde...:P it smells so nice <3

  8. i manage to kill every plant i get, as well ^^
    i got a plant almost a year ago for my birthday and i was actually pretty surprised, that it was still alive until my brother found out a month ago or something, that the actual flower is made of plastic and only the leaves are real. i felt like i was living a lie for almost one year :D

  9. your other plants are pretty too on the windowsill! great job using the pink ribbon..looks like toule(material used for tutus) on the curtians! Love your blog! I think your irish accent is so adorable you and your fiance. oh and your wedding date is the same as my birthday! so its a great day for getting married!!! lol

  10. your view is amazing!

  11. i love the room decor. Looks so cozy and warm!

    and the ribbon is a great idea!! think i am going do that for the curtains in my room too!:)

  12. The ribbon is a very good idea and I was one thinking of doing that when I would need it.
    I like your orchid and I hope it will have a long happy life!I "kill" plants too :))
    What are the names of those three plants?
    The lamp is classy and the candle is simple and nice.I loooove candles!
    Albi and Sina are cute as they always are and I wish I could play with them.
    I have four dogs and I adore them!
    You can see pictures with them here:

    Do you like them? ;;)

    Have a beautiful day and stay fresh!

  13. there are 2 options for watering an orcid.

    1. soak your plant once a week really good.

    2. water your plant 1 TBSP a day.

    may friend had great success with 1 TBSP a day.

    I hope this helped.


  14. I was given a beautiful orchid in mid December and miraculously (for me) it is still in full bloom. The directions said one quarter cup water weekly and indirect light and that's what I've done. Best of luck with yours!

  15. i hope the yankee candle doesn't make you want to eat some treats!! xxx

  16. love this post with lots of photos! you´re so diligent with blogging, Anna...and I´ve been neglectin mine :( but please check out my blog once in a while :) thanks!

  17. I love all the pretty pink and I LOVE your baby doggies!!!!! they are soooooo cute I want to grab them up off the screen and snuggle wuggle them all up!! I have two Bichon Frise's and one miniature poodle (all shelter dogs). Mine act like little humans, they look me right in the eyes and respond to every single thing I say.They are amazingly smart and communicative. I love doggies more than anything!!

  18. HAHA Victim! I love it. :) I have so many victims under my belt I might be known as the mass-plant-killer. I love how your room is coming along. I enjoy seeing each new thing you add to your room in the daily vlog! LOVE YOU LOTS!!! XOXO


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