3 March 2011


Top - Primark, Cardigan - Farrell & Brown, Pants - Cheap Monday, Boots - Dune, Earrings - Accessorize

Oh my goodness.  I literally could not stop laughing when I was editing these pictures this morning...Albi and Sina are so hilarious in the background!  That last picture of Albi running in at the corner cracks me up!  And I'm pretty sure that's also him in the second last shot...I think.  Ahem.  I can tell the difference between my two dogs, promise.  That's definitely Sina in the second shot.  But seriously, what were they up to?!  It's so cute :)

So spring is finally here...the days are getting brighter (yes!) longer, and sunnier which means the back door is staying open throughout the day which in turn means NO PEE-PEES in the house!  Thank you, spring time for giving me a pee-pee free house.  No more constantly running around the house like a mad woman, armed with disinfectant spray and  mop.  What must the neighbours think?!  I thank my lucky stars that we live on the top floor.  Anyway, my point is that I'm absolutely loving this time of year and I can't wait for summer!  Remember this outfit?  From back in August?  Well, here it is again except modified for March.  Aren't I clever?  I thought so.  :)

And now for the exciting news I've been waiting so long to tell you guys...from way back in this post when I first mentioned it.  See that screen-shot up there?  That's from a video by an amazing brand new channel called StyleHaul.  It's basically like a news channel, which brings you the latest on fashion/beauty/style videos on YouTube!  I think it's a really great idea, because it highlights channels from all across the globe, both big and small and gives them all a chance to get featured.  I personally found two new great channels already that I hadn't heard of before, EleventhGorgeous and WendysLookBook!  The best part about this is, that I am now officially working with StyleHaul, to hopefully bring you better and more informative fashion and style videos each week.  

I was SO excited to see my Spring/Summer Fashion Trends video pop up in their first video!!  Right under Michelle Phan's...Michelle Phan people...that's like YouTube royalty right there :)  I'm so flattered and honoured to be a part of this, and I hope that you guys will enjoy what I have to share.  If you want to subscribe to StyleHaul's channel I would really appreciate it, and check out the video that I'm featured in here!  Thank you so much for sticking with me, and for your unending support both here on my blog and over at my YouTube channel!  I appreciate it so much!

(Watch today's daily vlog here :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. yay<33 We found some new channels as well including you ;)

  2. Congrats on working with stylehaul! You deserve it. I absolutley love this spring time outfit! It's so cute but looks really comfortable too.

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  3. Congrats Anna!! Sounds great!

  4. OMG, huge hug for you. You go girl! :) Congratulations!!!

  5. First, congrats on the stylehaul! I wanted the episode and it was fabulous. It also included a whole three channels that I had never heard of, but who are really stylish and fun!
    Second, I love the outfit! It's very light and spring like! You're giving me such good ideas for spring!

  6. Congratulations! So happy for you :)

  7. Congrats!
    and i love this cardigan... :)

  8. Umm... your pups are absolutely adorable! Each time I see cute clothes from Primark it makes me wish the store would come to the US. I'm totally jealous that we don't have it here.

  9. amazing cardigan ! you look great :)

    come to me, i have new note too:


  10. Fab news Anna! It looks like a great channel.

    Love Sina stretching in the 2nd shot btw!



  11. Loving Albi and Sina in the background...so cute!!! Loving your cardigan too! As for StyleHaul...what a FABULOUS idea indeed...I'm off to check it out more now, but I discovered new channels too! Thank you for such a lovely introduction to such a fashion forward site!

    Liesl :)

  12. Congrats on the show! Super exciting! love your cardigan! Doggies are sooo cute!
    XO Carrie

  13. Congrats Anna!!! <3 And you look gorgeous as always!

  14. i'm so excited!! your style videos are my favorite and why i originally found you and subscribed. i also subscribed to wendyslookbook just now, how amazing is she? i'm going to set aside time to watch all her videos later tonight

  15. Wow! Thats fantastic that yours is being shown too! I love the outfit you have on and your dogs are almost as cute as mine!!! Haha;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  16. Congrats Anna! Thanks for sharing those channels. Just subscribed to WendysLookBook, and I thought the sisters in EleventhGorgeous were twins but they're sisters!

  17. gorgeous! ;)


  18. In my country it`s still winter beceause it is snowing but I`m not sad that it`s not sunny or hot outside.I love snow!Gives me a good feeling so spring can wait a little bit.Don`t get me wrong I like warm weather but I just want to feel a little longer that it`s winter.

    Great look and nice pony tail!You are so sweet!
    Kisses from Romania!


  19. WOW!! Yeah for Anna- congrats! Also such a cute outfit. Can't wait for Spring. I was just noticing the sun staying out longer...well, the sun behind the rain clouds but I'll take it!


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