On the Road Again...

We're on the road again!  Well, actually we're not right now...not since last night but at that point I was too tired to blog!  We are spending our Easter weekend in Dublin.  Easter Sunday is actually Jonathan's grandmother's birthday so we are going to dinner at his aunt's house.  In fact, we have a video of that day last year!  You can watch it here :)

Before we left Cork I got my ASOS order...here's a sneak preview of my upcoming haul!  How cute are these shoes?!?  Ughh...I love them! :)  You can buy them here.

We had actually booked a hotel in Dublin for the weekend, because I got a voucher from the post office when I bought a book of stamps (for the wedding invitations...hahaha I never buy stamps!).  We were going to stay at the D4 Berkeley, and I called ahead about the puppies.  I was told that if they were under 5kg, they're welcome to stay with us.  The D4 Berkeley is advertised as a 4 star hotel, and you can't see much from the website as there isn't a gallery of pictures on there but I'm familiar with the area and we both figured it would be a pretty nice place.  Upon arrival we were immediately charged with an added hidden cost of €61 for Albi and Sina (€20 per pet, not expressed to me when I had phoned ahead!) and an added €10.50 per night for parking.  We actually ended up paying way more than full price, so the voucher was totally useless!  Added to that our room was filthy, grotty and definitely not 4 star quality...I've stayed in B&B's that are nicer than this place.  We were so disappointed...and pretty angry about having to pay such an obscene amount of money... We then found out that we had to pay extra on top of that for BOTH breakfast and dinner.  Needless to say we left the hotel and thankfully we got a full refund.

These were our faces after that whole ordeal.  Haha!  So we ended up having to drive out to Jonathan's sister to retrieve a key to get into his mom's house...what a trek!  The poor puppies were quite ratty at that stage, but I think they were happy to arrive on familiar territory...their grandma's house complete with a nice garden to run around in :)

Today we're going to meet the illustrator of my book, Tarsila Kruse!  I'm so excited...we've never met before and I am in love with her work, she did such an amazing job on the book and I can't wait to meet her in person!

I hope you're all having a nice and relaxing Easter weekend! 

Stay Stylish!

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