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Boyfriend cardigan - ASOS
Tshirt - AWear, Jeggings - ASOS, Shoes - Saint Tropez, Cuff - JewelMint, Watch - Phosphor Appear

My mom bought me this t-shirt yesterday from AWear, isn't it cute?!  Although I probably looked like a total freak wearing it while walking both dogs today, hahaha!  For simple outfits like this, I think adding something like a statement cuff sort of takes it up a notch and makes it just that bit more stylish :)  The cuff is from JewelMint, and once I receive the rest of my items from them I'll be doing a review on my channel with a 50% discount code for you guys, so stay tuned!  

We watched Just Go With It last night with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler...it was total rubbish but the only thing I really liked about it was Jennifer's hair!  I'm not really a huge Aniston fan but her hair in that movie is to-die for.  OMG!  So being the loser mc losersteen that I am I decided to try and copy one of the styles she was wearing today.  Yup, I really am that sad and pathetic...haha :)  But in the end, I actually like it a lot!  I washed my hair last night before bed, spritzed some GKHair leave-in conditioner and Shielo protection & detangling  spray.  Then I brushed it out and scrunched some Shielo Bounce Style cream to add texture, and then I slept on it...this was the outcome in the morning!  Then I just pinned my "bangs"/fringe back.  I'm actually contemplating wearing something like this for my wedding.  I'm wearing my hair in an up-do for the registry office, and down for the ceremony...I just haven't decided HOW I'm going to wear it down!  The style of my dress is quite bohemian so I'm thinking this might work very well.  What are your thoughts??  I know you haven't seen the dress but if you have any ideas of how you think I should wear my hair, please let me know!  (I'm doing it myself by the way.)

Stay Stylish!

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