Saccone Joly Cork Meetup!

Watch the vlog from our meetup here

As most of you already know by now, yesterday was our Cork meetup in Nosh + Coffee!  Everyone was so sweet and I'm honoured to have such amazing subscribers that live in the same city as me :)  Here are some snaps from the day!

I think these guys were all more Jonathan's subscribers than mine, hahaha :)  But still all really great guys <3

I was also gifted a bottle of my absolute favourite perfume (Vera Wang Princess) and a box of chocolates from the adorable twin sisters Ciara and Marie!  Ciara actually has her own YouTube channel, BelovedBeautyTips!  You should check it out it's one of my sister Erika's favourites :)  We also got an amazing handmade card from Hayley (sooo cute!!) and Albi & Sina even got treats and a squeaky toy from Niamh and her doggy Cody!  

Thank you so much to everybody who came, we were really surprised at the turn-out because we didn't know that we had so many subscribers from Cork!  We appreciate every single one of you :)

I also just want to apologise for the late video posts this week...I had some uploading problems on Wednesday (which is why I had to upload the fashion video on Thursday) and Friday's video was meant to be uploaded yesterday but I was SO unbelievably exhausted last night that I couldn't bring myself to edit it up...sorry!!  But I will post it today and hopefully next week things will be back to normal (videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  

Stay Stylish!

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