Saccone Joly Dublin Meetup!

Our first ever Dublin Meet-Up in Stephen's Green!  
Words cannot express how happy this day was for both of us.  We had an absolutely wonderful time with all of you that came!  I am so proud to have such lovely, kind and genuine subscribers :)  Thank you so much, for all of your support!  The sun came out especially for us today (we were caught in a crazy thunder and lightening hailstorm on the way home!!) and we were actually able to sit on the grass in the park - woo hoo!  It was so cool to meet so many amazing people and we were both so pleased to be able to talk to every single one of you!  I even got a yummy-smelling Lush soap from Abir, Ghdir, Jessie and Naz and a beautifully handmade card from Holly!  I will treasure those gifts forever...or at least the card, the soap will be treasured for as long as it lasts, hahaha!  Here are some snaps of the meet-up, courtesy of Jessie...because she's awesome :)

Jonathan showing off a coffee cup...yup!
Jonathan "not smiling" for the camera
But the day would not have been complete without this little boy who randomly started singing an Irish song to us...hehehe :)  Jonathan vlogged some of it!

There are a lot more pictures on Facebook, so you can check the rest of them out there!  Also, if you took pictures and want to share them feel free to tag us!  

Here we are on the way home.  We had such a great time!!

Right now I'm absolutely exhausted.  Driving up and down to Dublin plus meeting family and YouTube friends all in a very short space of time will take a lot out of you...but we both enjoyed every minute (minus the cold shower I took last night...long story)!

Stay Stylish!


  1. How FUN, Anna!!! I am so glad it was a success, but I knew it would be, and happy that you both had such a lovely time! Great pictures of everyone and what wonderful subscribers you have indeed! Hopefully you get some good sleep tonight to reenergize!

    Liesl :)

  2. that sounds like a really cool day! great pictures, Jonathan is so funny :)

    much love from germany,
    Vintage & Vanilla, Darling!

  3. Wish I Could of went to the meet up :( .
    Glad ye had fun! Nice pics btw!

  4. Oh Anna it looks like you had a lovely day.. I wish I could have made it :o) definitely next time xxxx


  6. Aw looks lovely, you're so sweet, if you ever have a meet up near me (in England) I'd love to meet you both xx

  7. Sounds like it was a very fun day! I wish I could have been there, but Venice is a long way from Dublin :( Maybe some day we'll meet, if you got a chance to come to Northern Italy :) Baci bella xx Sonja

  8. looks like fun! haha, that random boy singing. can't wait to see that in the vlog. adorable...and a little weird.

  9. So glad you had a great time!

  10. such a lovely day for a meet-up!!
    wish i can come to dublin sometime in the future =)

  11. Weren't there more than 70 people on facebook who wanted to come? :D Well, i think a smaller amount of people is way better than 70 anyway.
    I'm looking forward to the vloggities of that day :)


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