Sexy Smokey Bedroom Eyes (Bridal Look)

Watch the video tutorial here

This is the classic "smokey eye" look that I learned in beauty school.  It's sexy, sultry and looks best with bedhead hair!  I also think this would make a beautiful bridal look...I may even wear this to my own wedding, who knows? ;)  This is the brown version, but you can alternate the colours.  It also looks good with navy blue, dark green, purple and greys.  Brown is probably the easiest for everyone to wear because it's so neutral and isn't too intense so I think it would work for a wedding!  I'm having an evening wedding so I feel this would be perfect.  

The basis of this look is simple.  Start off by drawing a thick line of pencil liner (whatever colour you want...I chose brown) on your lids but apply it kind of messy and sloppy.  This will act as your base and help create a gradient effect with your eyeshadows.  Then apply a matte shadow with a flat blending brush.  The brush is important for this look because you will need to blend and pack on colour at the same time.  I chose a medium matte brown and packed it onto the lower part of the lid, pushing and blending downwards with my brush.  Don't go too high up with the colour.  After that, apply a similar colour but this time, with shimmer.  I used a bronzey brown shimmery shadow.  Do the exact same thing as before, layering and blending into the brown.  The colours should be deepest on the lower lid and blend lighter further up.  Apply these two shadows to the lower lashline with a pencil brush and smoke them out.    

Next, take a nude/skin colour (matte) and with a fluffy brush, blend it onto the brow bone and soften it into the browns to create the gradient.  If you want, you can add a similar colour with a shimmer to the brow bone to highlight more, but this is probably not a good idea if you a) have mature skin or b) don't like shimmer!  You then line the waterlines with a black kohl pencil, line the top lids with the same thing and smudge it really well using a pencil brush.  Then apply mascara and you're done! :)  Below are a full list of products used.

Maybelline 24hr Superstay Concealer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Kiko Dreams Blush Soft Sand #1
Benefit 10 Highlight

The Body Shop Eye Definer pencil in Brown
Sedona Lace 88 Warm Palette (matte medium brown, bronze, matte nude & champagne shadows)
Impala Waterproof Liner in Black
CoverGirl LashBlast Volume in Black

Davis accent nude pink lip liner

My hair is just...a mess.  Sorry...but I kinda like it.  Hahaha!  So many of you have asked me for a tutorial and I  honestly don't know what to tell you...this is just what it looks like on Day 3 (I wash it every 3 days) after having been slept on and not brushed.  I also used some Shielo Volume Bounce Style Creme when I slept on it right after washing it on Day 1.  (It was wet when I applied this.)  

Stay Stylish!


  1. You look stunning! I especially like the messy hair, you are so lucky to be able to have natural sexy messy hair:P

  2. OMG, Anna, sorry for saying that and I hope you won't misunderstand look really sexy here! I like the whole look but for a wedding definately minus the hair (too sexy in fact xD). It looks really neutral on you.
    Can't wait to try this on my own! Beautiful!

  3. Wow!! You look amazing! I love your hair and your makeup!! <3

  4. Love the hair and the eyes!, Really makes your brown eyes POP!

  5. Your hair looks AMAZING here! :)

  6. Hi Anna,
    Do you know if you can find the Shielo styling creme in stores, or do you have to buy it online? Your hair is so enviable.

  7. I actually love your hair with this look.

  8. I like the look, so simple, so perfect! :) And I have to absolutely agree that brown colour fits to almost any eye colour :)
    I like your post, you and your fiancée are so great together! Good luck to you both! :)

  9. Love it! I am a big fan of browns with a smokey eye...maybe because I have blonde hair and brown eyes! You look beautiful, as always, and this is definitely a look for me! I'm all for the neutrals with a feminine soft pink/peach lip color and that works well for my wedding color theme to! :) Also, I love your hair like fiance loves the wavy, slightly messy look on me and this pretty much captures it! You look like a V.S. model!

    Liesl :)

  10. Анна, у Вас очень интересное и красивое лицо. Мне нравятся Ваши видео. Спасибо:)

  11. I love love your hair and make up :) you look amazing!

  12. Very pretty!
    p.s. if you need backups of the Impala or the lipliner for your wedding just write me a message :)

  13. Sexy for sure, love your hair with this look too!

  14. you are beautiful !!!

  15. Aww super sexy, thanks for this great tutorial hun! Love your hair that way x

  16. I love this look, I'm not usually a fan of matte eye colours, but definitely need to invest in some so I can recreate this look x

  17. Oh very soft! Your hair looks great too! Love that messy look.
    XO Carrie

  18. you look so stunning here! this is one of my favorite makeup looks and I wore it for my own wedding day (brown smokey eyes and pink lips and cheeks!)

  19. Anna! You are so gorgeous! I love all your make-up tutorials, i watch every single one of them :)
    You have such a beautiful face, and i love your self-confidence in your videos. Please, don't ever stop making them :)
    And this look was perfect for you!
    Hugs from Norway <3

  20. Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous Anna! LOVE the look!

  21. Excellent site although many ideas I've seen here.


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