Shoe Haul! (ASOS)

Finally, the shoe haul you've all been waiting for!  Well, okay maybe not all of you...but certainly some of you :)  I went on a shoe purchasing rampage last week when I wasn't feeling so hot and bought 5 pairs from no other than my beloved ASOS.  I love each and every one of these babies...check them out!

These are absolutely adorable, high quality material and very comfortable.  One of the sequins did fall off upon opening the package though :(  But it's not noticeable and can probably be glued back on quite easily!

I got these on sale at a considerably reduced price...and they are amazing!!  I know it's a winter/autumn boot but as soon as I saw them I fell in love.  These are perfect for anybody who's dreamed of being an ice-skater but has never actually skated before...hahaha!  You can live your dreams through these shoes!  Plus they're ridiculously comfortable as they're lined with jersey material on the inside.  Wow!

I'm not usually a fan of slingbacks because they tend to hurt my feet but these are pretty comfortable so far.  I think they're a great basic and especially if you're on your feet all day! 

Considering these were the most expensive of the bunch, I'm not hugely impressed!  One of the shoes came with a dark stain on the side of it (probably black dye from the bow detail) and one of the bows was bent upwards.  Having said that the material is nice and soft and I think these will look really cute with black! 

These are the shoes I wore on Easter Sunday and they're probably the ones I'll get the most use out of being that they're so classic!  I absolutely love them, they make your legs look longer and are such a versatile, neutral colour.  Plus they're so easy to wear without killing your feet!

Let me know your favourite pair!  

Stay Stylish!

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