I Love My Chinos!

Pants - Zara, Tank Top - Primark, Blazer - ASOS, Shoes - ASOS, Belt - ASOS, Earrings - Accessorize

What can I say, I love my chinos!! :)  I will probably wear them all summer long, they're such a light and comfortable material and I like that they look good in both flats and heels! You can dress the up or down depending on the occasion!  I paired them up with a different belt this time, which again is actually meant to be a waist belt...so at the first hole it's a squeeze!  Hahaha!

Who else watched the Eurovision tonight??  I'm so happy Italy came 2nd!  But I'm embarrassed to admit I had never heard of Azerbaijan till now :/  Congratulations to them for winning though!  It was a lot of fun live tweeting the whole show...I just hope I didn't annoy too many American followers!!

Stay Stylish!

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