Ice Skating Boots!

Boots - Lacoste, Skirt - Zara, Top - Vila, Earrings - Accessorize

Today I wore my ice-skating boots, which is so ridiculous because it's supposed to be (Irish) summer!  But of course the weather has been miserable for the last few days :(  These photos were taken this evening when the sun decided to peek out a little bit.  But other than that it's been raining almost non-stop since May 1st!  I really thought I was done with boots for the next few months but it seems I'm not.  Then I remembered I had these pretty babies which are totally rain-proof!  Although after these were taken I changed into jeans because I was too cold :(  The temperature has dropped considerably over the last few days as well.  Oh, poo!

I also just wanted to mention a few new YouTube channels that I've been enjoying lately.  Please do check them out and subscribe if you like them.  All of these channels deserve so many more subscribers and views!

She's adorable, sweet, funny and not to mention a beautiful blonde!  I love her to bits, and she always makes me laugh.  She has just started a daily vlog channel with her husband Jay (who's also hilarious), their cute new baby Phoenix and their gorgeous doggie, Moo (Pixie)!  
Kelly is so charming, cute and a true "real-life Barbie", meant in the most positive way! :)  She is stunning, has beautiful hair and a sweet Pomeranian called Coco and she makes the best Hello Kitty hauls in all of YouTube land!  
Sandy is a subscriber of mine, whose channel I just happened to click on one day after reading a lovely comment she left me.  And I am so glad I did!  She has a beautiful exotic looks with amazing skin and the most gorgeous eyes.  Sandy is a hair stylist and makes some of the best hair tutorials I've seen, she is very soft-spoken and informative.

Hopefully you will enjoy these three channels as much as I do, I look forward to watching their videos everyday!  

Stay Stylish!

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