Interview with See You in Sweden and Shower Revelation!

Hi there.  So, I have been feeling extremely sluggish and tired lately which is why I haven't uploaded any videos since last Thursday...and blogging has been pretty minimal as well.  I am 99.999% sure I know what the reason is though, I may have just figured it out.  Basically all I want to do since Friday is sleep.  The notion of even very basic and mundane tasks such as showering or brushing my teeth send me into a deep coma just thinking about doing them.  Okay not really but you know what I mean..."I'm freakin' exhausted!" is what I'm trying to say.  

And then all of a sudden, I had this revelation.  In the shower, no less.  And I think I've figured it out.  On Friday I decided that I would purchase a 3 litre bottle of 2% (cow's) milk.  Now, I have not touched the stuff since my "Skinny Bitch for a Week" post, months ago.  It's the one thing (along with red meat) that I have completely cut out of my diet.  However as many of you probably know, soy milk is VERY expensive.  As in, I could buy 1 litre for the same price as 3 litres of regular cow's milk and it would only last me two days (what can I say, I like milk).  Well, it turns out I won't be saving my pennies anymore because ever since going back to cow's milk it seems that I've become comatose.  LOL.  Not only that but my stomach is bloated like something I've never seen before, and I won't be surprised if someone asks me whether I'm pregnant.  

All in all, this has majorly freaked me out...and now I'm thinking "what the hell was I doing drinking that stuff in the first place?!".  I bought some of my beloved soy milk (which I actually prefer the taste of anyway!) today and I will report tomorrow on how I'm feeling.  But like I said, I'm pretty sure that was it.  Anyhow, let's move onto something more interesting, shall we?! 
The lovely Rebecca from See You in Sweden, one of my all-time favourite fashion blogs has so kindly featured an interview I did with her.  Not only does she showcase her stylish looks and write the most hilarious blog posts, but she also frequently features blogs in her "20 Questions With" segments.  I have found many amazing bloggers through this, and I am so honoured to be a part of it as well!
Look at this amazing mood board she did for me!  I love this so much :) 
And this is probably my favourite bit...the "Get the Look" where she styled a typical "me" outfit, complete with a little Maltese doggy!!!  I think I may have actually screamed when I first saw this, it's so cute.  If only Sina wouldn't rip out the bows I try to put in her hair.  Purely for practical reasons...I mean the puppy's hair is in her face for goodness sake!  But no, unfortunately my little "princess" is in fact a tomboy.  

Please do check out Rebecca's amazing blog here and you can read my full interview here

Stay Stylish!

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