365 Days!

Cardigan - ASOS, Top - Mexx, Jeans - Zara, Shoes - Saint Tropez, Earrings - Krystal, Watch - Phosphor

So I realise I've been an awful, neglectful blogger lately but everything just kind of exploded in the last few days and it's been a whirlwind ever since --  I simply haven't found the time to take photos or sit down at my computer and just blog!  It's sad though, because I truly love it so I promise to try harder and I will be a better blogger in the future, okay??! Pwomise :)   This is the outfit I wore in my Bikinis for Your Body Shape video, and a lot of you guys asked about it!  

Most of you probably already know if you watch our daily vlogs that we just celebrated our "vloggiversary" -- that's ONE YEAR of daily vlogging!  Yay!  And you guys joined us on our journey!  Yesterday we uploaded Day 365 which was a 40 minute montage of the past year's events.  I have to admit, I got quite emotional watching Sina lick my face as a tiny puppy...oh my God, how precious?!  Since then we have been incredibly blessed to get a TON of Irish press!  Yesterday we raced to Dublin to do a radio interview with Spin1038 - yay!  It was a totally surreal experience, what was also scary was the fact that it was live and I spent almost the entire time trying my hardest not to laugh at Jonathan's squeaky chair.  Hahaha!  After that Jonathan did a phone interview with both The Sun and the Metro Herald, which came out today!  Check it out and let me know what you think!  
We're featured in The Sun tomorrow I think, but I will keep you guys updated.  Thank you so much to everybody who listened/watched us live on Spin yesterday though -- we had a ton of international viewers watching online which was amazing!  And a lot of our Irish viewers texted in -- I was trying to read them all on the screen in front of me but we only got to read out one :(

This morning Jonathan did a phone interview with 2FM, a national radio station in Ireland (woo hoo!) and it all happened so fast, I tried my best to let as many people as possible know but I'm sure a lot of you missed it so I'm sorry about that!  But I'm told it's available on the 2FM website.  The presenter was really friendly and I thought Jonathan did an amazing job! :)  Later on today we'll be on Newstalk, which you can listen to on their website here.  Phew!  I realise this probably seems very overwhelming to a lot of you - it does to us too!! We are so grateful and flattered to be getting so much media attention and support after having completed one year of daily vlogging, and we cannot thank you enough for all of your lovely comments and for watching our videos everyday!

Stay Stylish!

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