Bikinis for Your Body Shape!

I've been getting asked about this topic since I first started blogging  and making YouTube videos 2 years ago.  So here you are, finally!  Bikinis for your body shape :)
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The string bikini is your best friend.  Anything that ties with strings at the bottom will elongate your legs and slim your hips.  The halter straps and v-shape of the top will flatter a bigger bust as well.  Stay away from anything boxy on bottom like boy shorts or thicker straps, as well as fussy patterns and ruffles which will make your hips look bigger.  Also stay away from bandeau styles on top which won't offer your bust enough support.
Choose a string bikini bottom to elongate the legs and slim the hips, rather than a larger, boxy style which will make them look bigger.  If possible opt for a darker colour bottoms and a lighter or more embellished top to draw the attention upwards.  Bandeau styles will make your bust look bigger and your upper body look wider.  

Go for something that supports your upper body and bust fully with an underwire if needed or thicker straps.  Stay away from the unsupportive bandeau style.  A halter neck strap will look less "underwear-like" than regular straps!  Have fun with your bikini bottoms, go for anything you like whether it has frills, ruffles, or thicker straps!  Wearing the darker colour on top and lighter on bottom will also help to create a more balanced shape.
Opt for something with lots of ruffles or detailing, thicker and wider straps, or a 1950's style.  This will create the illusion of curves and make your body shape look more feminine.  Go for bandeau style tops which will broaden your frame and thicker bottoms which will widen your hips.  
If you are opting for a one-piece, go for something with a v-neck which will flatter a bigger bust, and something in a block colour or with vertical/asymmetrical pattern.  Stay away from horizontal stripes and too many fussy details.  This bathing suit in particular has a wrap style which will minimise the tummy area.  If going for a bikini, the string bikini or string bikini bottom with a balconette style top will minimise both the bust and hips.

I really hope this helps and that you guys all embrace your beach bodies this summer, whatever your shape and size!  

Stay Stylish!

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