Impromptu Meetup in Dublin!

Today we had an impromptu meet-up at Stephen's Green Shopping Centre in Dublin where we handed out 6 signed t-shirts.  We decided to play a little game this time...Jonathan tweeted our location and the first six people who arrived got t-shirts! It was so much fun meeting our Dublin subbies for the second time and once again we were really happy with how sweet they all are!  Thanks to everyone who came to see us today!  Now we're off to Cork for another few days...until next Tuesday when I have a photoshoot, eek!  So much travelling, but I'm so grateful that I am able to do it with my little family :)
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post, I really appreciate every single one of them and I'm trying to reply to everybody!  I love you all! <3 

Stay Stylish!

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