Photoshoot Outfit!

Jeans - Gap, T-shirt - Primark, Blazer - Zara, Shoes - Saint Tropez, Bracelet - Jewelmint, Watch - Phosphor
Today we had a photographer from the Irish Daily Mail come over and do a little mini photoshoot for an upcoming interview/feature on us!  Eek!  Of course this had to happen on the very day when I'm battling hayfever like it's the freaking plague.  I honestly have no idea why, but since about yesterday evening it's been driving me crazy.  My eyes will NOT stop streaming and I go through sneezing fits where I'll sneeze at least 14 times in one sitting.  Ugghhhh...  So I braced myself and put on some makeup and just tried to suck it up and ignore the sniffles and watery eyes.  Let's hope the photos came out okay and I don't look like a snotty, bloodshot mess!  LOL.  
Also, the random shot of my engagement ring is for those of you who have been asking to see a close-up shot of it, haha!  Although I'm not quite sure why it's come out so "blue" in this picture.  Weird!
I kept my makeup simple, I'm wearing the same look I wore in my last tutorial except here I have on a peach blush and Rimmel Spotlight Beige lipstick.  I wore my hair in a bun!  I hope you like my photoshoot look.  I wanted to capture my everyday personal style and keep it simple and natural because all the shots were taken in our home!  

Stay Stylish!

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