The Proposal

Jonathan's Story
I really don't know what to call this post, but I guess I will call it "the proposal" because that was what I put as the subject of the email I sent to my brother yesterday.  I know this is going to confuse a lot of you guys, so I will leave it up to Jonathan to explain it to you first.  I don't want to steal his thunder - and he really explained it very well in today's video.  So please watch what Jonathan said to see what all of this means!  As you all probably know from my previous post, yesterday was our 4 year anniversary and our 1 year anniversary of our engagement.  So that's why Jonathan chose today to do what he did ;)  Again, if you haven't watched the video - you will have no idea what's going on!
Please watch it here!
Anna's Story: 
It was our three year anniversary (June 3rd 2010) when Jonathan and I decided to get engaged.  This was more of an agreement than anything else, and it just felt like a natural progression.  Being that both of us were just out of college with hardly a penny to our names, we really couldn't afford anything fancy, least of all a diamond ring.  So Jonathan bought me a promise ring from Swarovski and we announced our engagement to the world.  My mom and I started planning the wedding in Italy almost straight away and things just sort of got carried away from there.  As much as I don't care about big diamond rings and I know that Jonathan is the man of my dreams, a part of me couldn't help but feel a bit sad that I had never gotten a "proper" proposal.  
On our 4th anniversary (June 3rd 2011) with only 3 months to our wedding something unexpected happened.  Unbeknownst to me, Jonathan had planned something amazing.  That evening I was sitting on the bed on the phone to my mom when she said "I'm going to have to finish up now because you have to go downstairs and not let the dogs into the living room".  I had no idea what was going on, so I said goodbye to her and cautiously made my way downstairs.  All the doors were closed.  I opened the kitchen door and to my amazement the whole living room and kitchen was covered in tiny candles.  There was a trail of white rose petals leading to the middle of the room, where they formed a heart-shape.  Jonathan was standing behind the door as I entered and said, "You have to follow the trail to see where it leads you."  I was completely gobsmacked.  I had no idea why any of this was happening!  He then led me into the heart and got down on one knee, producing a white box with a sparkly ring in it and said "I want to get this right the second time -- will you marry me?"  Both of us were crying like babies, and it was a beautiful moment.  But the best part of it all is that poor Jonathan actually singed his leg while kneeling down on a candle, creating a little bald patch - hehehe! :)
My new ring :)
I honestly have no words to describe how how amazing Jonathan made me feel yesterday...and I keep bawling my eyes out everytime I watch the video, hahaha!  I will remember this day forever.  To you guys, thank you for sticking with us throughout our journey of almost one year (!!!) doing the daily vlogs and for all of your amazing support.  Sharing these moments with you makes them all the more wonderful <3 

Stay Stylish!

P.S. if you look closely at the top picture, you'll see something really special.  My dad actually witnessed the entire proposal...right from up there on the mantelpiece! :)

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