Boat Day!

Today we drove to Waterford to check out Jonathan's mom's boat.  In typical Irish summer style, it poured rain the whole time.  But we had fun regardless, and Jonathan got to drive the boat while I struggled to ensure that no little white puppies fell off the edge!  I think Sina enjoyed the boat ride more than Albi, who sat there shivering like a little leaf until promptly giving up and taking shelter inside.  

Jonathan and his mom
Me in my sexy raincoat, hahaha!

These pictures of Sina & Albi inside the boat are soooo cute!  Sina developed some kind of weird infatuation with the carpet though...she wouldn't stop licking it.  She's like that about our furry bedspread as well, I'm not quite sure why!  Both doggies were actually extremely well-behaved and I think they had a good time overall.  I was curious to see how they would react to being on a boat like this and I think they liked it!  It's a pity it was raining but we all had fun nonetheless.   Have you ever taken your doggy on a boat?!

Stay Stylish!

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