Hair Tutorial: Textured Bun!

Since I posted my June Lookbook video, I have gotten a lot of requests from you guys on how I do my messy textured bun.  This is something I like to wear a lot especially with Day 3 hair!  It's a lot softer and flattering (on me) than a severe, sleek bun because of my masculine features...or at least that's my opinion :)  

You Will Need: 
Bobby pins
Elastic band/hair-tie

Step 1. Start with unwashed, "dirty" hair.  This will be easier to shape and style as opposed to clean freshly washed hair which is usually very soft.  DO NOT brush out your hair.  This is really important!  You want it to be as textured and "messy" as possible.  If your hair is naturally straight, or fine I recommend using a texturising spray like Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Spray.  My hair is naturally thick, dry and textured so I don't use any product.

Step 2. With your fingers, gather your fringe/bangs back off your face, twisting it into a little "poof" before securing it with a bobby pin.  This will be your guide as to how volumised you want your hair to look.  If you want a lot of volume, make the poof bigger.

Step 3. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail using your fingers for a messy, textured look.  Tie with an elastic band.  You can go as high up on your head as you want, I usually go about mid-way on the back of the head.  

Step 4. Very loosely roll the ponytail around the elastic band in one direction (I went clockwise!).  It doesn't matter too much if hairs come out because that's the look you're going for.  Secure the sides of the bun with a few bobby pins, ensuring that you pin in the direction of your hair bun (example, my pins all faced clockwise).  

Step 5. Now here's the fun part!  You should be left with one poof where your bangs are and the rest of the hair should be pulled back.  Using the top poof as a guide, start carefully pulling and loosening your hair so that it's not so severe and all matches up into a softer, textured style.  Don't pull out so much that it's all undone, just enough to look loose and messy!  Spritz with some hairspray and you're done! 

This is what it should look like when you're finished.  If you weren't able to follow this, don't worry - you can watch the video tutorial here :)  Let me know what you think!  Are you a textured bun kind of girl or do you prefer a sleeker look?

Stay Stylish!

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