House Hunting!

What I'm Wearing:
- Navy and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt from the Gap (bought last summer)
- Cream chinos from Zara (buy them here)
- Belt from Zara (came with the chinos)
- Cream kitten heels from River Island (buy them here)
- Gold leaf earrings (a gift from Tammi, thanks love! ;)
- Gold and wooden bangle set (a gift from Gina -- I believe she bought them at Macy's but you'll have to ask her!)
Styled with my curling iron - I will film a tutorial on this soon, I've done a few variations of this look but I don't think I've ever shown the whole thing.  Wearing my hair like this makes me wanna do it everyday but it's just so time-consuming!  If only we all had an entourage of stylists and makeup artists that could help us get ready every morning...wouldn't that be fabulous?!  Hahaha :)
Another silly July day full of rain showers, bleugh!  And another day of house hunting!  Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday, we have still not found the right place yet but I'm sure we will find it before the end of the month (when our lease is up!).  My favourite thing about house hunting is the excitement of seeing new places everyday but the worst part is being disappointed by things like a grubby stained carpet or a "view" of a brick wall!  We're trying to downsize a little bit because Jonathan has just set up his own business and are going it alone which means cutting back on a few overhead costs.  Right now, our three bedroomed duplex is lovely, but a bit expensive and also doesn't have cable broadband -- big thumbs down!!  

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great Friday!  Oh and yes, there WILL be a video uploaded today :)

Stay Stylish!

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