Leather Jacket

What I'm Wearing: 
Black cropped leather jacket from H&M (two years ago)
Sheer grey tank top from InWear (last summer)
Black skinny jeans from ASOS 

Brazilian jersey scarf/necklace c/o Tangerina Accessories, handmade by Tarsila Kruse and Carolina Bornholdt (order from them at +353(0)873282006)
Black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS
Black leather peep-toe shoes from Saint Tropez
Crystal heart earrings from Krystal, bought at ASOS

My hair looks super red in some of these shots, sorry!  I did colour balance all of my pictures but I think it might have been the yellow wall behind me that the light bounced off!  The close-up shot is probably the best indication of what my hair looks like in "real life"!

Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments on yesterday's post!  We tried calling the letting agency again this morning and 'lo and behold, our letting agent was busy and "on a call".  Riiiight...  It is now 5pm and another day gone past that he hasn't called us back.  I think things are beyond repair at this stage, and we are going to ask for our deposit back and go someplace else which, though inconvenient is probably worth it in the long run!  I don't want to have anything more to do with this agency - they are awful!

Stay Stylish!

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